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Nov 15, 2009 03:03 PM

vege butternut squash soup w/ no stock?

hey i was just wondering, i have a pot of squash on the stove that was sauteed w/ some carrots and shallots. can i just throw it in the blender in batches and add milk and some water if i dont have any stock? i hope it wouldnt be too bland! thanks

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  1. I would think the shallots would give some flavor, but I suggest "throwing" -underhand, not overhand;) - a small portion in your blender and tweaking the flavor/ amount of liquid incrementally so if you don't care for it, you havent ruined all your hard work. Good luck.

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      Maybe saute some more onions with either a little curry powder or with some cumin and coriander and a tiny bit of cayenne, add to what you've got and puree with milk or coconut milk, no broth needed. You can add a little water if you need to thin it further. We've had lots of squash in the csa baskets and lots of yummy squash soup recently - and it freezes well.

    2. Add some apple cider...or peel, core, slice, and saute an apple in butter and puree it with the other stuff. But, as pointed out by the others, you may still need to add a bit of liquid ...

      1. Adding a bit of heavy cream (if not vegan), will also add to the texture/flavor.

        1. hey thanks for the heads up all...the soup ended up coming out not too badly for not having any stock. i ended up putting about a cup+ water in it, then put it in the blender and used some skim milk. next time, i will try vege stock, to give it some more depth, but all in all it was yummy. it needed salt though, so it's good to eat it w/ some cheese. can't wait to try it again!