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Nov 15, 2009 02:27 PM

2 Foodies on a Honeymoon in Hopkins Village, Belize

Hey all!

We love food, will eat pretty much anything, and are really excited about the fresh seafood in Belize. We realize Hopkins Village is a small village, but where can we get really great authentic fresh food? Or a really romantic meal? Or a really cheap and delicious one?

Where are the best places to go? Or even maybe within 20 or 30 miles? We'll drive for a really great meal...

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I just have to say that the best food we had in Hopkins was from a tiny indian restaurant on the beach called Taste of India. It is run by Raghu and his brother, and not only are they very nice, but they make some of the best indian food I have had anywhere. While I realize that most people don;t go to the Caribbean for Indian food, If you are a fan of Indian food or just delicious food in general, I highly recommend Taste of India. Specifically I recommend their Korma. We had Chicken Korma, but they also offer Beef, Fish, Shrimp, Lamb, and Veggie Korma. Their Samosas and Pappadums were also delicious and made to order. Very inexpensive with plates ranging from $8 US to $12 US for huge helpings. Samosas were $3 US for 2, and Pappadums were$2.50 US for a plate.

    As for other food, Chef Rob just opened his new restaurant across from All Seasons Guest House (Ingrid's Place), and I would recommend that for a romantic dinner. At the time, they had a 4 course prix fixe dinner for $49 BZ ($24.50 US) a person.