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Fun ways to serve salad at a party

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I heard of a creative serving idea for caesar salad which was to put it into Martini glasses with a breadstick to look like a stirer. Anyone have other creative and fun "containers" to serve food in that is easy to walk around with other than plates?

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  1. There was just recently a thread by a woman who's going to serve an Asian noodle salad in the white "take-out" folded-cardboard food pails (like what Chinese restaurants use).

    If you wanted to serve a more traditional salad in the pails, perhaps you'd want to use an Asian-inspired dressing (with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, soy, a little sugar, maybe some mirin?)

    Another idea I saw during last summer's "wedding season" was "Wedge Salad Skewers." Chunks of iceberg were skewered and drizzled with a bacon/blue cheese dressing that was very, very thick.

    1. -taco salad in mini taco shells or even on top of larger tortilla chips
      -my mom used to do a riff on cobb salad with contents sans lettuce inside lettuce leaves
      -what about a modified pasta salad where all veggies and dressing were stuffed inside jumbo shells?
      -sautee spinach, shallots, ect., and additional desired ingredients and stuff into button mushroom caps for inside out spinach salad
      -caprese salad on toothpicks is always a big hit

      1. Parmesan Frico cups are *ADORABLE* for serving caesar salad...had them one a few years ago...it's basically grated parm cheese formed into a cup (I believe a shot-glass is involved to form the mold) and then the salad is added and served to guests...so cute and very tasty!

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          LOVE FRICOS! And they're so easy to make!!! Great idea!! I use a clean egg carton to mold mine. And usually just stuff them with goat cheese mousse, but I LOVE the salad idea!

          My take on salads sometimes, is to serve them as sandwiches, like a grilled chicken cobb sandwich, which my CH adores. You toast your bread, add your grilled chicken in slices, top with bacon, tomato, lettuce and a blue cheese mayonnaise on top.

          Or greek salad, but the lettuce is grilled - I thnk CH had an article on that already. I've also tossed it chopped up and then tossed it with pasta - delicious!

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            Another vote for frico. place over pyrex custard cups to get "bowl" shape.

            Fill w/salad just prior to serving

          2. zucchini boats or mini bell peppers are great for holding bean salads (green bean, three bean, black bean & corn, etc.). i also love to serve crab, lobster, shrimp or grilled veggie salad in avocado halves.

            1. I have served blue cheese caesar salads where I chopped the romaine, tossed with the dressing & then put a served it on individual romaine leaves. So each guest got a big leaf with chopped salad on it--caneither use a fork or just eat the leaf along with the salad. It looked really nice all fanned out on a platter.

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                Last evening I was reading December issue of Canadian House and Home, which had a great idea - caesar salad in pancetta bowls. It looked sensational and I want to try this very soon. If you would like I could let you know how it was done, when I check the magazine tonight.

                1. Thank you all - fun and tasty sounding ideas. I love the concept of deconstructing the salads!

                  1. How about a "liquid salad" -- gazpacho in martini glasses or demitasse cups.

                    1. http://www.pickonus.com/cones.aspx - just waiting to use these for something....

                      1. I have served salad for 100 people for a New Year's Eve party, I made individual bowl with egg roll skin. I brushed the skin with oil on both side the put them on upside down 250 ml. canning jars, put parchment paper on baking sheet, put the jars and cover with parchment and put another baking sheet on top to keep them from puffing up. Bake in oven until crispy and golden color. That was a huge hit.

                        1. We did a party where we did tasting stations and served Chinese Chicken Salad in take-out boxes.

                          Tomato Cups - slice tops off of tomatoes and scoop out flesh, then broil or grill, let cool a bit then fill

                          Baked Tomato Cups - drape tortilla over oven-safe molds, then bake for 5-10 minutes till golden and crisp; fill.

                          1. Lots of good ideas already, just wanted to add one which I did not see. Individual endive leaves are a great portable way for serving salads and are perfectly sized to be a few bites.

                            1. Another simple idea:
                              Greek salad on a skewer. A piece of cucumber, a cherry tomato, a piece of red onion and a piece of feta. Add oregano to creamy or not italian dressing for a dip,

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                                Using long strips of cucumber (sliced on a mandolin so they are very fine) wrapped around the greens so they are standing upright and contained within the cucumber. Makes for a very nice presentation.