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Nov 15, 2009 01:53 PM

Fun ways to serve salad at a party

I heard of a creative serving idea for caesar salad which was to put it into Martini glasses with a breadstick to look like a stirer. Anyone have other creative and fun "containers" to serve food in that is easy to walk around with other than plates?

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  1. There was just recently a thread by a woman who's going to serve an Asian noodle salad in the white "take-out" folded-cardboard food pails (like what Chinese restaurants use).

    If you wanted to serve a more traditional salad in the pails, perhaps you'd want to use an Asian-inspired dressing (with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, soy, a little sugar, maybe some mirin?)

    Another idea I saw during last summer's "wedding season" was "Wedge Salad Skewers." Chunks of iceberg were skewered and drizzled with a bacon/blue cheese dressing that was very, very thick.

    1. -taco salad in mini taco shells or even on top of larger tortilla chips
      -my mom used to do a riff on cobb salad with contents sans lettuce inside lettuce leaves
      -what about a modified pasta salad where all veggies and dressing were stuffed inside jumbo shells?
      -sautee spinach, shallots, ect., and additional desired ingredients and stuff into button mushroom caps for inside out spinach salad
      -caprese salad on toothpicks is always a big hit

      1. Parmesan Frico cups are *ADORABLE* for serving caesar salad...had them one a few years's basically grated parm cheese formed into a cup (I believe a shot-glass is involved to form the mold) and then the salad is added and served to cute and very tasty!

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          LOVE FRICOS! And they're so easy to make!!! Great idea!! I use a clean egg carton to mold mine. And usually just stuff them with goat cheese mousse, but I LOVE the salad idea!

          My take on salads sometimes, is to serve them as sandwiches, like a grilled chicken cobb sandwich, which my CH adores. You toast your bread, add your grilled chicken in slices, top with bacon, tomato, lettuce and a blue cheese mayonnaise on top.

          Or greek salad, but the lettuce is grilled - I thnk CH had an article on that already. I've also tossed it chopped up and then tossed it with pasta - delicious!

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            Another vote for frico. place over pyrex custard cups to get "bowl" shape.

            Fill w/salad just prior to serving

          2. zucchini boats or mini bell peppers are great for holding bean salads (green bean, three bean, black bean & corn, etc.). i also love to serve crab, lobster, shrimp or grilled veggie salad in avocado halves.

            1. I have served blue cheese caesar salads where I chopped the romaine, tossed with the dressing & then put a served it on individual romaine leaves. So each guest got a big leaf with chopped salad on it--caneither use a fork or just eat the leaf along with the salad. It looked really nice all fanned out on a platter.

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                Last evening I was reading December issue of Canadian House and Home, which had a great idea - caesar salad in pancetta bowls. It looked sensational and I want to try this very soon. If you would like I could let you know how it was done, when I check the magazine tonight.