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Nov 15, 2009 01:25 PM

What is the BEST steakhouse and BBQ near Lackland AFB

We are leaving for San Antonio to see our son graduate Basic Military Training for the Airforce~ We will be near Lackland AFB... He has been away for 8 weeks and told me he wants a GREAT STEAK during our visit!!! We love great food and atmosphere~ We are not familiar with San Antonio, but have seen some great spots on the Food Channel~ Unfortunately, I never wrote them down.... Please suggest some fun, kid friendly places with great food and a fun atmosphere!!! Thanks!!!

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  1. I don't think there is great Steak or BBQ near Lackland, will you have a car? How far are you willing to travel?

    1. Im not sure Great steaks and Fun and Kid Friendly posible. I know the Barn Door is said to have good steaks and is family friendly. We have some of the Steak and Chop houses here like Morton's and Ruth Chris's and the like.

      Barn Door Restaurant
      PO Box 9, Riviera, TX 78379

      1. You mention that you "have seen some great spots on the Food Channel," but unfortunately didn't write them down.

        You might try this web site:

        It's new, and what they do is to track down restaurants that were mentioned on TV shows.

        1. Hopefully you will have a car because there is not a lot on that side of town.

          Steak - I would consider Chama Gaucho brazillian steakhouse. Its $33.50 per person (ALL THE MEAT YOU CAN STAND + big salad bar). I was leary of it being kid friendly, but we were there on a Sat afternoon and our two kids were fine. ( I think it is a few dollars cheaper if you catch lunch there. Maybe $29.99?). No doubt that your son would enjoy the spectacle of all that meat.

          BBQ - The one place I know featured on Food Network was Texas Pride. I have been out there a couple of times and they have pretty decent food. It is certainly original. Gotta say the Pecan Pie Cobbler was a very nice touch for dessert. Somtimes they have live music.