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Chicken Enchiladas -- What's your favorite recipe?

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I'm looking for a really great chicken enchilada recipe.

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  1. Rick Bayless is a great source for solid mexican recipes.

    1. I'm so glad you asked this question, walker. We love Mexican and other Latin foods in my house, and I'm eager to hear what people suggest.

      In the meantime, unfortunately I can't get my computer to copy & paste the link I wanted to share with you. But go to epicurious.com and type "chicken enchiladas" in the search window. Perhaps you'll agree with me that there seem to be some really interesting variations offered.

        1. I'm watching this thread too. I would like just a simple recipe that a mexican-american mom or grandma who can cook really well has made for years.

          1. This one from epicurious is an easy one to make if you don't have the time to make your own sauce: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...
            As one of the reviews suggest, I omit the oregano & basil, and add in some chopped jalapeno peppers, coriander, and cumin; also a bit of chili powder to increase the spice level. I use Las Palmas sauce and, after filling the enchiladas, add any of the remaining vegetable mixture to the sauce.

            1. As with all enchiladas, I seem to have two versions - the "I feel like cooking all day" version, and the "I want this RIGHT NOW" version.

              The first relies on a green sauce that's pretty close to the Homesick Texan's tomatilla salsa recipe, found here: http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/200... I usually use jalapenos instead of serranos - about 4, seeded if they're very hot.

              I pull cooked chicken into smallish chunks, so it's not shredded, but close, and toss the chicken into a bowl with a handful of shredded jack and crumbled fresco. I usually use a mix of thighs and breasts which have been simmered in water/broth with chunks of onion and jalapenos for seasoning.

              Warm vegetable oil in a skillet on medium high, dip corn tortillas (I'm not a fan of flour tortillas in enchiladas) one or two at a time in oil long enough to soften, turning if necessary. With some tortillas,it won't be, with some it will - you'll need to judge if they're pliable enough w/out falling apart into mush later.

              Spray a casserole with nonstick cooking spray, then spread just enough salsa on the bottom to lightly cover. (Yes, IME, both the spray and the salsa are necessary to prevent sticking.) Place about two cups of salsa verde in a large bowl. Dip each tortilla into sauce, coating both sides. Fill with about 2/3 T chicken filling, roll & place in dish, seam side down. Needless to say, the tortillas are hot, so you'll be working quickly. I use room temp green sauce so that as I dip the tortillas they cool down a bit. Pour any remaining salsa over the enchiladas, sprinkle with queso fresco, jack, or whatever cheeses you prefer and warm through in a 350 oven to melt what cheese will be melting, and blend the flavors.

              This can be quite hot,and you can easily convert it to sour cream green enchiladas by stirring sour cream into your green sauce.

              The "I want it NOW" version is the same as above, but using rotisserie chicken and Herdez brand salsa verde (I don't know why, but the canned is better for this than their jarred version). Honestly, truly, I grew up on Herdez, so I almost like it more than my own homemade.

              The one thing I never skip is frying the tortillas. IMO, it helps the texture immensely, if not your waistline.

              1. Not authentic by any means whatsoever but really, really good.


                1. I do my chicken enchi's with mole sauce..the jar stuff, Dona Maria works great for me and instead of water I use chicken stock..
                  I serve it with Spanish rice and some refried beans...it is a huge hit and different from the usual.

                  1. I made these Enchiladas Suizas a few weeks ago and they were excellent!