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Nov 15, 2009 12:28 PM

Uses for pesto?

I have an abundance of homemade pesto that I would like to try to use up rather than freeze. Does anyone have any suggestions or recipes that would make good use of it? Besides the norm, I mean? Thanks.

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  1. Spread on chicken to be roasted
    As a marinade for any meat
    With grilled veggies (zucchini, red peppers, onions)
    Instead of pizza sauce
    In omelets
    In white lasagna

    My favorite is: spread on grainy bread, topped with sliced tomato and provolone, broiled until bubbly. With a great big salad. Mmmmm...

    Abundance of homemade pesto is a good problem to have!!

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      all great suggestions.

      other ideas:
      - spread on grilled or broiled shrimp or fish
      - use as a baked potato topping or stir into mashed potatoes with some chopped sun-dried tomatoes
      - combine with ricotta or cottage cheese & stuff mushrooms, tomatoes or zucchini - top with breadcrumbs & Parm, and broil
      - mix with your preferred combination/ratio of yogurt, sour cream and/or mayo and use as a dip for veggies & chips
      - stir/fold into chicken or tuna salad or potato salad

    2. Lucky you, I love pesto!!

      Some options:
      - use it on soft goat cheese with some dried tomatoes on a warm bread slice (bruschetta style)
      - use ot on aubergines - grill or fry slices aubergines, make a layer of aubergines, add pesto and mozzarella cheese - layer with aubergine and than a layer of tomato sauce (you can also add some black olives if you like) - add a layer of aubergine and then again pesto & cheese. When you've finished the layers, put it in the over for few minutes to melt the chese et voila;)
      - I used also on polenta (make a 1 cm think polenta layer, when it's cold, cut it in square shaped slices. The light option: add Pesto on the top of it with an olive and serve it as it is. The fat-version: grill the polenta (mush?), add a slice of lard on each slice and pesto over the top.
      - use as a filler in puff pastry! mix pesto with ricotta or quarck cheese to make a cream - add 1 - 2 eggs (depends how firm you want the filling), some parmesan cheese and some ham bits of you like. Use the filling with fillo pastry or puff pastry. Put it into the oven for 20 minutes and enjoy ;)
      And of course, pesto is great on mozzarella cheese or as a salad dressing as well (just add some more iol if the taste is too strong).



      1. Here are some that I do, in addition to the usual paninis, pastas, and pizzas:

        Chicken Tortellini Soup w/ a bit of pesto
        Drizzle on Salmon or another type of fish
        On steak (plain or mixed with butter, or mascarpone or ricotta)
        Under the skin of roasted chicken
        Pasta salad (pesto, mayo, sour cream/plain yogurt, grilled chicken, peas, diced red bell pepper, parmesan)
        Pesto Hollandaise
        Pesto w/ Cream Cheese (dip with crackers, or put on a bagel with a delicious tomato)
        Add EVOO and vinegar to make a salad dressing