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Nov 15, 2009 10:24 AM

Golden Mall update - interesting lamb soup at Xi'an stall and a good zha jiang mian at lanzhou stall

So i did a mini flushing tour today. I had taiwanese breakfast at King Five Noodle, which btw no longer has an english name and just says beef noodle in chinese (niu rou mian)

Afterwards we stopped by the golden mall, had a couple of interesting things:
- Lamb Rou Pao Mo (lamb noodle soup): this is a lamb noodle soup, its very interesting, way different than anything i've ever had before. The broth is very rich like to the point where its almost creamy, like think of a tonkotsu broth (i.e. ippudo) and its even thicker and richer than that. Its got very thin clear noodles that are very good, very fine and go great with the soup and then its got these cubes of something which i couldn't figure out what it was although it might be rice dough that's what we all decide it most likely was. They put a great chili paste in it that really makes the soup alot better, there is also a lot of cilantro and chunks of lamb meat in it. It's not gamey at all. Overall its a pretty decent dish albeit very rich, maybe a little too rich for my taste. You can see a picture of it on their website
- Zha Jiang Mian (fried sauce noodle): i went across the way to the lanzhou handpulled noodle place and we saw several people who were eating the zha jiang mian, which is the original version of the ja jjang myun that the korean-chinese places serve. I like the chinese version better, but unfortunately its difficult to find places that make it correctly. For those that are unfamiliar, its a noodle dish with a meat and onion sauce (think of a ragu type sauce). The noodles themselves are excellent, they are obviously handpulled and have a nice chewy texture and they are pulled fairly thin. The mean sauce is quite good, a major difference between the chinese version and the korean version is that the chinese version is more meat as opposed to onions. The sauce has a nice good meaty flavor to it and the onions are cooked perfectly. The only thing about it was that the meat was slightly drier than it should be, but overall its good and its definitely worth trying as this is the only good version ive had in NY.

I'm going to come back soon with my same friend and try the other stalls as we walked around and checked them out, some look very interesting. i love the golden mall, it seriously feels like you're in china and the food is always good.

btw i've been talking the bus from chinatown to flushing, if you happen to live downtown like i do in the LES, its really fast and super cheap ($2.50 each way), i can get to flushing in 15 mins and it drops me off really close to the LES, so i don't have to go to penn station to the LIRR

Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

Niu Rou Mian
39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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  1. Thanks for this writeup! How was your breakfast at King 5?

    Can you give a little more details on the Chinatown-Flushing bus? Where does it pick you up/drop you off--nearby the food options on Main Street, I assume? Is Chinese required in ticket/driver communication?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Breakfast at king 5 noodle is good if you like taiwanese breakfast. They've got all the staples (xian dou jiang, shao bing, you tiao, fan tuan, dan bing etc) and they make them pretty decently, its my go-to taiwanese breakfast joint. It's also ridiculously cheap; i think its pretty popular with the locals b/c its always filled when i go. Here's an old review i did on breakfast (basically go the same things this time):
      here's the yelp:

      The bus drops you off across from the LIRR station on 41st ave just below main, sort of across from starbucks, so really it drops you off right in the middle of everything (that's where they pick you up in flushing as well).

      In chinatown, they pick you up right across from confucious plaza, where that really big apartment complex is (huge brick building by manhattan bridge). If you can read chinese it says flushing and chinatown and has an arrow point back and forth. Its a small white bus, you'll see lots of buses usually and people waiting around.

      It costs $2.50, you don't need to speak chinese i dont think b/c im pretty sure they can speak enough english to tell you how much it costs although im assuming this b/c i saw a few non-chinese on the bus the last couple of times although i asked them in chinese, so im not 100% sure, but it really should not be a problem b/c u just hand them $2.50 and hop on (no ticket)

      1. re: Lau

        There seems to be a new food stall directly at the bottom of the stairs in Golden Mall.They seem to primarily sell a variety of Bowls of Noodles although one time I saw a man having snails that he said were from that stall.
        I asked the woman who was working if she could tell me what part of China the food represented .As best as I could understand she said HENAN but my understanding could be completely wrong.The woman from the Chengdu Stall came over and said the food was not LA.
        The stall directly across from Chengdu seems to have changed mgt. They have a sign advertising Taiwan Night Mkt style food as well as the old menu and the people cooking were ones I hadn't seen before.

        1. re: hoi lai

          Interesting -- planning on going on Saturday, will report back!

          1. re: kathryn

            Sounds great. I was at the Chengdu stall last week and didn't notice that the stalls across from it had changed hands. I may be out there again on friday so I'll definitely check up on it.

            As for the chengdu stall, I think they're starting to recognize me and my love of "ma la," as they dumped a ton their crushed szechuan peppercorn and chile pepper mixture on top of my dumplings. Of course i had to finish the whole plate but my mouth was buzzing more than it ever had in my whole life... awesome!

          2. re: hoi lai

            There is another new stall or one that I just noticed recently. It is located across from the DVD store and dumpling stall. It has tables in the DVD store. There was an English menu, which listed mostly soups/noodles. I had a plate of won tons that were very good. There was also a won ton soup listed.

      2. I have always wanted to try new types of Chinese cuisine in Flushing, but I am intimidated by the language barrier. Do you have any suggestions of where to start, for a person who cannot read or speak Chinese? I haven't been to Flushing for several years, so maybe this isn't as hard as I remember it.

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        1. re: chorosch

          Most places are now English friendly with pictoral menus and/or English written menus.

          If not, you can always rely on the good old pointing technique.

          Flushing for newbies

          1. re: chorosch

            kathyrn's post is a good start and luckily everything is mainly walking distance in downtown flushing

            fyi, the place i mentioned above (golden mall) is now actually reasonably english friendly from the perspective that most of them seem to have had their menus translated to english and you could easily just point and you'll be fine

            i'm not sure how familiar or unfamiliar you are with chinese food, but be aware that saying "chinese food" is kind of like saying "european food" in that there are many different types of chinese food that can be very different from each other. I think most people are probably most familiar with cantonese food although even in that case they may not be familiar with real cantonese food rather americanized cantonese food which is totally different. So be aware that places like the golden mall will be very different than most chinese food you've probably had (assuming you're not that familiar with chinese food

            - dim sum: perfect team, i agree with kathryn
            - cantonese: imperial palace; i think this is the best chinese restaurant in NY. crab rice is a must. here's my report:
            - dumplings: white bear, my personal favorite
            - shanghainese: taste of shanghai; i think this place is quite good. here's my report:
            - soup dumplings: not that current on where's the best, but everyone tells me nan xiang is the place to go
            - golden mall: there are ton of reports on this, but its definitely worth checking out
            - flushing mall: i really go here for one reason, a thing called a gua bao, which is a pork belly bun from taiwan that i really love...the place is called temple snacks and all the way on the left
            - sichuan: spicy and tasty and little pepper and chengdu heaven (at the golden mall


            thats enough to get your started, there are more places, but it will probably take you a while to get through those

            1. re: Lau

              Thanks, this is a great start. When you say "chinese food" is like saying "european food," that's exactly what I mean... I want to become educated on the differences in cuisine throughout the regions. I think I am probably most familiar with "americanized" Cantonese, which from what I understand is like saying you're familiar with western cuisine because you've tried a hot dog.

              So, you think I'll be able to navigate the places above without too much difficulty? I'll do search on the Golden Mall.

              Golden Shopping Mall
              41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

              1. re: chorosch

                None of the places that i listed will be a problem, they've all translated their menus to english, so while you might have some issues actually speaking with them you can just point to what you want and you'll be good to go

                btw at the flushing mall (temple snacks) i think the gua bao might be listed as like "taiwanese hamburger" or something like that

                if you decide to go to a specific restaurant, i'd suggest looking at chowhound posts and yelp about whats best. I'm also have to give you suggestions

                1. re: chorosch

                  Golden Mall Map:

                  Although it looks like Happy Family and Satisfactory Wenzhou might be different/gone now.

                  Flushing Mall Temple Snacks menu:

                  It's #44 on the menu.

                  Golden Shopping Mall
                  41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

                  1. re: kathryn

                    i think that is right, i dont think the wenzhou place is there anymore, i think its a fuzhou place now although id have to look again to make sure

            2. So excited to hear that soup is available at Golden Mall!! I had that soup in Xian and loved it. The squares are actually pieces of bread. In traditional places, you would rip it up yourself, unless you are white, in which case they assume you have no idea what to do with it (correctly) and rip it for you.

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              1. re: Kmanlove

                yah i actually figured that out b/c i google'd the dish....its so different from most chinese food, we were all confused and none of us could figure out what it was (northern chinese food is very interesting to me b/c its so different than what i grew up eating)

                1. re: Kmanlove

                  Those squares have been mistaken for tofu also. They are gluten. I presume that they are formed from byproducts of making the noodles.

                  1. re: Kmanlove

                    My wife and I made it here last week. The soup was great! Reminded me exactly of the soup I ate in Xian.