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Burger DE ville - NDG ( Westminster)

Burger de ville has now opened where the old Chien Chaud diner used to be. Atmosphere is nil, and there are still certain service glitches to work out, but if you want a cheap, tasty burger, not a bad place at all. Burgers start at $4, and you can add a host of toppings (from relish to harissa mayo) for free. They have a black and blue burger with caramelized onions and blue cheese - a little disappointing because the blue cheese is a rather smallish slab just plopped on top. Buns are rolls, not regular hamburger buns which is nice. French fries are also quite good, one portion is quite large and $2.50. No desserts. I believe the guy who opened this also runs the Cafe Pi on Sherbrooke.

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  1. Actually, he also is partner of those operating Cafe 92 on Sherbrooke. I have never heard of Cafe Pi. Where is that? Burger de Ville is run with his father and mother.

    (and there are desserts, mostly cookies and biscotti) from Cafe 92.

    1. You know this, because Cafe Pi business cards are readily available at Burger de Ville establishment?

      Cafe Pi
      4127 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1Y7, CA

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        As is indicated Cafe Pi is on St. Laurent, not Sherbrooke. I have talked to the owner of Burger De Ville. Had never heard of Cafe Pi until this forum.

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            Yes, sorry, I had pi on the brain. It's cafe 92 I meant. Sheesh, no need to get your knickers in a twist about it.

        1. I went this weekend and I was very happy with the burger I had. The spicy fries were good too. Now they have desserts also. I live in NDG and Burger de Ville certainly will be a welcoming substitute to the usual chains when in need of a burger fix.

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            Despite the subject line, don't say it is in NDG, by the way. Those Montreal Westers might raise a stink if they hear you!

          2. Just ate there for the first time. I had a small chicken cesar. Excellent! I will definitely go back to try one of the burgers and or soups.

            1. I think the correct name of his place on Sherbrooke and Montclair is "Cafe 92 degrees".

              1. The Burgers here are good. After M burger this is the best place in Montreal for a burger at a fraction of the price.
                You get a cheese and bacon burger for $5.50 !!!! An the meat is fresh as is everything they make. Place is always busy but it's worth it.
                included in the price are toppings like mushrooms, caramelised onions and mayo harissa...as many as you want (make sure it fits). The spicy fries are good but not spicy.
                I will also venture and say it is the best poutine in town (my favorite costco poutine has been dethroned). This one is less industrial tasting the sauce is like a demi-glace ... very subtle and tasty as hell if eaten on the spot (gets way too soggy when taken to go). A real solid meal for two runs you about $15 !!!!

                1. Just tried this place today and i really liked it. I had a bacon cheeseburger with mayo, mustard, lettuce, caramalized onion and fried mushrooms. The burger was juicy and slightly pinkish inside. The lettuce is a bit annoying as it is actually more like the deluxe greens from the bag and the pieces are a bit small and tend to fall out of the burger but that is really a small issue. The bun held up pretty well to the juices from the mushrooms. I also split a large poutine and i thought the poutine was pretty good. The sauce is quite tasty. Curds seemed to be fine. They weren't super fresh but they didn't seem old either. The fries do tend to get a bit soggy after awhile though.

                  We did wait about 15-20 min for our food but considering that the place was packed i didn't feel like it was too long of a wait. I'll definitely come back here again.

                  1. If I'm in that hood and want a cheap burger, they can keep their carmelized onions and alla that... I'm going to Cosmo's! ;)

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                      they're an entirely different animal. Cosmo's greaseburger is done on a flattop and BDV's are char-grilled. the whole neighborhood smells delicious when they're busy. I LOVE this place and wish them a long and profitable run.

                      Has anyone tried the steak? They have what look to be ribeyes in the display.

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                        I can't remember if it has been mentioned on this board yet, that Burger de Ville is opening a second location. The 2nd location is on St-Laurent blvd, not too far from Sparrow pub. It hasn't opened yet, but it's close to opening.

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                          Steak is excellent. 14 oz. Way too much for one person, so we split it for two people and share the caesar salad that comes with it and the extra french fries.

                          PS Mt. West council and nearby residents are upset about the smoke. I hope it get works out as the restaurant is a real asset for the area.

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                            @C70- I would say that out of all the steaks i've had, Burger De Ville's steak is number 1! What makes it taste so good is that they add spices and garlic (you have to ask for this) and they keep the fat on. This allows it to the steak to become flavourful and absolutely juicy. The next time you go to Burger De Ville, get the steak! I guarantee you'll be satisfied.

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                              Thanks for the tip. Good to know.

                        2. Why has no one provided an address?

                          59 Westminster Avenue North
                          Montreal West, QC
                          514 564-9902


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                            RUMOR MILL new one opening in the St-Laurent boul and St-Viateur area. Can anyone confirm this

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                              It's been talked about a little on this and other boards. For example: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6393...

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                                I want to confirm that the 2nd restaurant Burger de ville has been open. The adress of the 2nd Burger de ville is 5282 St-Laurent, Montréal. The phone number is 514-507-5050

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                                  I ate at the new Burger De Ville on St Laurent last week and really enjoyed it!

                                  The owner (Mo? He introduced himself to us as we left) took our orders, explaning the system. They have slips of papers with the options printed on them, so you can tick off what you would like on your burger (though this has to be manually entered into the computer anyway, it really only saves time if there is a lineup)

                                  We ordered the black and blue, the cheeseburger with toppings and the plain burger with toppings, the spicy fries and a chocolate milkshake. Everything was good - I thought the black and blue burger was the highlight. Maybe it could have done with a little more blue cheese (it melted somewhat unevenly) but they did not skimp on the peppercorn crust which was perfect. Good bread and toppings, juicy, thick meat patties - the rest of the burgers were great and *very* reasonably priced. Fries were good - crisp, light, very nice (though salty) with the seasoning. I dipped them in a little puddle of harissa mayo that had plopped out of one of the burgers and that was a good combination! Chocolate milkshake was made with milk and icecream, maybe a little too much syrup, but otherwise good.

                                  One quibble though is the decor. I was expecting the interior to be kind of retro, like an old fashioned burger bar. Instead, it is.... I don't even know how to describe it! Bland. Very ordinary, characterless chairs and tables and colours and pictures. The food is delicious but the decor doesn't really lend itself to lingering (in my opinion)

                                  Will definitely be back though, especially to try out some different topping combinations!!

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                                  The new location is HUGE! I haven't been yet since the Westminster is closer for us, but planning a visit soon.

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                                    Are their fries fresh cut or frozen?

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                                        I made it to the St Laurent location on Saturday, I'm sorry to say but the burgers were nothing special. It was very dry and lacked flavor, it needs a bit more fat to it. It was almost grainy as if they were using extra lean ground beef. The gravy for the poutine had no flavor, it was too watered down. Maybe it was an off day.

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                                          What do you need to apologize for, if you didn't like the burger? I thought the burger at Burger de Ville(at original location) were decent but nothing special(on my one visit there). As I mentioned on this board before, it's very hard to find a very good burger in Montreal.

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                                            besides maybe la paryse burger de ville has in my opinion the best tasting burger in the city, and for 5$ i challenge you to find a better deal, sure you can pay up to 20$ at mechant beouf or M burger for a fancier burger but they are 4X the cost and definitly not 4X as good, also their chili is excellent, and now is also served on top of a fries and cheese in their "tex-mex" poutine. Best value for a burger in my opinion. milkshakes are spot on as well.

                              2. Burger De Ville is a landmark in Montreal-Ouest(not NDG). Great burgers, excellent prices, all the fixin's for free(unbelievable choice too!) and awesome fries. I sometimes go to visit friends just so I can grab a burger there. I am so happy that they finally opened in the Plateau---haven't eaten there yet but spoke to the owner and expressed my gratitude!

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                                  > I am so happy that they finally opened in the Plateau

                                  Ah - good to know that they've opened the new location - I'd missed the news. Here's the address & a review for the archives:

                                  ADDRESS: 5282 St-Laurent
                                  PHONE: (514) 507-5050
                                  HOURS: Daily 11 a.m.–9 p.m.


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                                    You are correct Mandarine. Montreal-West which is a city and not a borough of Montreal is the home of Burger de Ville. Might make it sound far but it's only about 10 blocks west from Concordia University Loyola campus.

                                    I enjoyed their burger but my favorite is their delmonico steak (rib steak without the bone or rib eye). Their cesar salad is the real deal and very tatsty. The father is a PR machine, the son is a shy guy like shy ronnie and rihanna sketch on saturdau night live. hahaha

                                  2. what a scam this place.

                                    1. Burgers end up once cooked shrink to 60 percent the size of the entire bun... umm, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I like MEAT along my edge. Sure, it's great to have a thick burger , but not at this trade-off....The bun is perfect size, the burger itself needs to be a bit flatter and cover he entire bun.

                                    2. Yay for soggy buns ! I asked for a spicy sauce, and the cashier suggested spicy harissa. Ok, well, besides the fact that is had absolutely zero kick, the sauce dripped through making the entire bottom bun soggier than my socks after a workout.... yum yum

                                    I'm curious if the bun would have been soggy without the sauce .... ?? But why apply the sauce to the bottom of the bun or a sauce that renders the bun to be soggy is beyond me.

                                    3. Was served my burger WITHOUT my fries... had more than HALF my burger until my fries were delivered. So let me get this straight --- this joint specializes in burgers and fries, yet they are incapable of timing two together? You got to be kidding!

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                                    1. re: J1836

                                      that doesn't make it a scam...

                                      1. re: celfie

                                        yes, you're right... but I felt scammed, considering all the hype

                                        1. re: J1836

                                          that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read...you felt scammed because you read good reviews and your experience didn't hold up to those reviews..... on top of it all you admit is hype...so go buy into the hype of another restaurant ....seriously, i cant believe you call this place a scam

                                          1. re: kpaxonite

                                            It's an expression that was used in a loose way, and I later clarified myself.

                                            Yes, this is a real restaurant that will provide you with real food in exchange for your real money. No, they will not take your money and sell you pretend food or kick you out. Now that we have this clarified...

                                            ( IMO ) the burger options in this city are underwhelming when Burger De Ville has people lining up and willing to spend $15 for sub-par burger, fry and a drink ... with horrible service (friendly, but slow and inefficient).

                                            For anyone who's eatin' a good burger in NY, Cali or wherever, they too will feel this place is way over-hyped.

                                    2. I used to live in NDG for about a year and my husband and I went to BDV quite a few times.
                                      We were never disappointed by the hamburger (which is delicious and not expensive for the quality) but I must say that service is catastrophic. On a busy day, you are lucky to get your fries by the time you are ready to leave. I once was able to finish my entire drink (glasses are very tall there) and still had no food on my table. You must be patient when going there, especially during those very long lineups, which occur almost everyday.
                                      Still though, it's one of my top favorite burger joint.

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                                      1. re: diabless55

                                        It seems like we agree on the service - however, the burger itself... it does not bother you that the patty is considerably smaller than the bun?

                                        IMO, there are a two prerequisites for a burger:

                                        1. Patty and Bun need to be about the same size, so the first few bites all the way to the last few are greeted with MEAT.

                                        2. Buns must never be dripping-wet, or overly soggy... Sure, a little bit is tolerable, but not to the point where the bread is soaked

                                        Sure, there are many more variables in play that make a good burger, but you can have the best tasting patty in the world, if it misses in 1 of the 2 points listed above, it's a fail in my book.

                                        1. re: J1836

                                          I totally agree that the Patty and the Bun must be the same size. I never really notice it over there before, maybe because it took so long for me to be served that by the time I got my burger I was so famished that I inhaled it. I'll make a point to check it out next time my husband and I go.
                                          You said you had harissa, which is not supposed to make your burger soggy, its consistency is that of tomato paste, but some places make it so oily that it will obviously make the bun soggy. Also, what kind of an idiot puts sauce on the bottom of the bun??? Surely your experience would have been different if the sauce was spread on top of the burger instead.

                                          1. re: diabless55

                                            IIRC Burger de Ville has a harrisa mayo rather than straight harrisa.

                                              1. re: J1836

                                                Good burger, friendly staff. Cut the bun to fit the burger - whats the big deal!

                                                1. re: jkmanosque

                                                  hey, i guess in a city lacking of burger options, one must think of crafty ways to enjoy a burger... I guess it would be too much to ask for a burger that fills the bun it's served on?

                                      2. Has the Burger de Ville Westminster location resolved their long-time ventilation problems? I don't live anywhere around the area, so I have no idea. And I haven't seen any recent local Montreal press regarding it.