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Nov 15, 2009 08:59 AM

Solymar - peruvian

On the recommendation of my peruvian coworker, we ate supper at Solymar restaurant on St-Hubert.

We started with Cebiche (a k a Ceviche), with main courses of grilled trout and Cabrito (goat stew). Finished off with a unexceptional cheese cake and a warm rice pudding.

We had a big list of suggestions to try, so we will go back again.

Portions were good, the cebiche could easily serve 4, the wine list was saq + corking fee, meaning wine was quite reasonably priced. The place was full with a good buzz and great food odors (especially good after soming in out of cold rainy november night.

We ate upstairs with a nice view of the large chandelier.

(Any other peruvian suggestions anybody?)

Solymar Restaurant
7610 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2R2N6, CA

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  1. Thanks for the report! How was the cabrito? I do love goat !

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      The Cabrito (goat) was a big chunk of some sort of large joint. (I'm not much of a meat expert). It came in a brown stew/sauce that had some soft beans in it. Also on this plate was a big heap of onion salad, possibly a piece of manioc(?) and a heap of steamed rice.

      Interestingly for a corn-raised boy like me, There were two different examples of non-conventional corn. One was roasted corn kernels for nibbling (also plaintain chips?) and another was a part of a cob of big-kernelled white corn that was on the ceviche plate and could possibly have been some odd sea life but we were assured was corn.

      all plates were positively heaping with flavour. Certain dishes for other tables were just heaping, plain and simple.

      I've been asking my peruvian coworker about tropical food. The list of fruits they get in Peru is quite different than we get here, and fruit is the one thing that she thinks is not better about canada vs peru!

    2. Villa Wellington
      4701, rue Wellington corner 2e Avenue
      Is another great Peruvian restaurant that you might want to try. Don't be fooled by the name. Cream of shrimp, Jalea, Parihuela are some of their specialities. They have Peruvian beer and of course Inca Kola.

      1. I love the Peruvian roast chicken at Les Deux Fours. 2379 rue BĂ©langer. The other food there is nothing special but the roast chicken is delicious!

        Les Deux Fours Restaurant
        2379 Rue Belanger, Montreal, QC H2G1E4, CA