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Nov 15, 2009 08:06 AM

Inexpensive Kosher Pizza Pies fresh not frozen?

I am looking to find a restaurant that has fairly good fresh pizza pies at the best prices (for large party) frozen will not work. Can be located in Manhattan, (I assume not likely) Brooklyn, Long Island, Northern or Central NJ, or even Lakewood area. Taste is as important as price, I know I am asking for alot, any suggestions??

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  1. I'm familiar with most of the Manhattan and Queens places, though none of the other areas you mention. I would think that Rosa's Pizza in the Empire State Building is the best Kosher Pizza. Try them

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      how many pies and where are they going?

    2. I can't speak to price because I don't know what the going rate is these days (I currently live in a place with no kosher restaurants, so I make my own pizza when I really crave it). However, I grew up near Highland Park, NJ, and there is a Jerusalem Pizza there that is pretty good and has experience catering. They regularly cater sheva berachos, brises, shul kiddushes (for bar mitzvahs, auf rufs, etc.) if you are interested in more than just pizza.

      1. For Lakewood, your best bet is JII Kosher Pizza (yeah, original name). Best compromise between taste and price. 1700 madison Avenue (in the Shoprite plaza). (732) 364-9119, and ask for Louie.

        1. I happen to like J4 pizza on Cornega Ave, in Far Rockaway. It's $2.25 a slice, whole pie might be a little cheaper

          1. Jerusalme Restaurant in Elizabeth NJ will do it, and there pizza is the best! 908-289-0291