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Nov 15, 2009 07:31 AM

PHX Superstitions Hiking: Lunch Shopping & Post-Hike Dining?

We are heading to Phoenix soon for 3 days of day hiking, staying at hotel in Apache Junction (frig in room). Seeking suggestions for where to get sandwiches or other food for the trail. Based on previous posts, it looks like the Phoenix Ranch Market in Mesa would be a good source and opens at 6 am Any tasty treats you like that would hold up well on a long day hike? Would either shop the day before and keep in our frig room overnight, or go there before we set out. Also looks like Tradiciones might be an option for a post-hike dinner one evening?

Also on my list:
El Nopalito
Barrio Cafe one evening (assuming we can get cleaned up).

One day we also want to head south and hike the Table Top trail which looks to be southwest of Casa Grande. Any suggestions for a post-hike early dinner & margarita in the Maricopa or Casa Grande area - nothing fancy since we will have been hiking. Searched the boards but couldn't come up with much.

Anything worth trying in Apache Junction? Saw a mention of Los Tacos.

Since we are coming from a northern state, you can see my bent is toward Mexican/southwestern cuisine, like so many of your visitors.

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  1. Be prepared for a lot of driving. The Mesa Ranch Market is at Stapley and Southern in central Mesa -- nearly 20 miles from Apache Junction. As a general rule, the more interesting "ethnic" dining and shopping options tend to clustered at the west end of Mesa -- the portion farthest from the Superstitions.

    Central Phoenix places like El Napolito and Barrio Cafe are great, but probably nearly an hour from your hotel.

    As for Casa Grande, I've had consistently good meals at Mi Amigo Ricardo over the years.

    Mi Amigo Ricardo
    821 E Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, AZ 85222

    1. Los Tacos on the Trail is very good. That is apache Trail and Deleware across from WalMart.

      Los Tacos
      550 N Grand Ave, Nogales, AZ 85621