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Nov 15, 2009 07:10 AM

Help with a food itinerary for next weekend in D.C.?

Hello all! Would appreciate your help so much with this one. My husband and my parents are going to DC next weekend to do some sightseeing. We are staying at the Fairmont. I would love some recommendations of must-eat places during our stay. Sat night is my husband's and mine 7 year anniversary and are looking for a delicious and semi-romantic Sat night dinner spot. Fri night is with the family. Lunch spot recos welcomed. Below is a list of our itinerary so far. THANK YOU!!!

Arrive: 12 PM
Lunch: 1-3 PM
Smithsonian?: 3 PM
Terracotta Warriors exhibit- 5 PM

Capital Tour: 10 AM
Lunch: 12-2 PM
White House Tour: 3 PM

Breakfast?: 10 AM

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  1. I think you will get more responses if you provide more detail about what kind of food/ambiance, price point, and location you are looking for.

    That said, for your romantic anniversary dinner, my recommendation is Marcel's in Foggy Bottom. It's French/Belgian, very elegant and sophisticated, and very romantic.
    If you're looking for something less formal, but still upscale and with very good food, I recommend Obelisk, near Dupont Circle (no website). At this late date, it may be difficult to get a reservation at either place, not sure.

    For lunch on Saturday after your Capitol tour, try Bistro Bis or Art and Soul.

    Bistro Bis
    15 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

    Art and Soul
    415 New Jersey Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001

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    1. re: foodtrip

      Hi! Thanks for your response. Price point isn't a concern, as long as the food is worth it. Perhaps more contemporary than traditional. Somewhere where the food is exciting. Thanks again!

      1. re: kmesquita

        To my mind you've described Rasika - contemporary, exciting, cutting edge -- completely unlike any Indian food you have ever had before. They are open for lunch during the week and it's convenient to the mall (Smithsonian).

        Rasika Restaurant
        633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

    2. For your anniversary try to get into Obelisk at Dupont. Not far from your hotel. Marcels is also great - high end. Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria also wonderful and expensive but worth it. restaurants required at all these places.
      My DC favorites are (familiar to anyone who has ever read one of my posts...)
      : Oyamel for gourmet, "true" mexican (ie not tex mex) - it's near the national mall so might make a great lunch place on Friday after the museum. Less crowded then too.

      Friday dinner: depends what your family likes. I am a real fan of Pizzeria Paradiso on P street -- could take you a while to get in.
      Komi over on 17th - if you can get in, fabulous. Make a reservation. Palena in the cafe uptown in front is really good too -- and cheaper than the back room though with a more limited menu. I also love love love Equinox down by the White House.
      Go to Eastern Market market grill for breakfast Saturday; don't miss it. Get there early. Show up no later than 830 (or earlier) , then you can eat without waiting in a line around the block walk to the Capitol. get a ham egg and cheese sandwich, whatever sausages they are promoting, blueberry buckwheat panckaes with real maple syrup.And you'll probably want to go back to the market after your tour to shop. there is great c offee at Peregrine, an independent coffee shop . One of the greatest used bookstores in the coountry, by my lights, is across from the market on C street.
      As a Hill resident, I spend a lot fo time at Belga on 8th street , which might be a good place for your lunch, if you go back up to the market after your capitol tour. Or you can just pick up food aropund the market -- there is a crepe guy, a couple pf little restaurants, montmartre is nice, the new pizza place is good. Skip Pain Quitidient - its a chain and its overpriced although the food is good and the bread fantastic. This will give you a nice slice of CapHill life -- little boutiques, craft market, farmers market, good food. Great neighborhood, and Eastern market is the kind of treasure you will tell all your friends about at home.
      Sat night Obelisk or one of the others above. Blue Duck Tavern is also very good. 1789 in Gtown is romantic and nice. Equinox consistently great. Lots of other options if you search the board.
      Sunday brunch... lots of places to choose from - check the boards. But If you want a really over the top brunch, go to the Mandarin Oriental -- about $65 a head, but an unbrelievable array of food spanning american classics and elegant asian and several things in between.. some french, some otherstuff. Eat for a few hours then head to the plane.
      Have fun! its a great city. Take lots of breakfs for coffee and tea or whatever -- walking on all that marble across long open spaces will exhaust you. My favorite museums are the small ones -- the Renwick by the White House is wonderful.

      3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

      1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

      Pizzeria Paradiso
      3282 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

      Blue Duck Tavern
      1201 24th Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

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      1. re: pam h in dc

        oops, reservations required, not restaurants required. And after oyamel go get a red velvet cupcake at Red Velvet, up 7th Street.

        1. re: pam h in dc

          these are great suggestions!!! thank you so much for your help!

      2. I love Marcel's, but if you don't have a reservation already, you aren't going on Saturday night. Probably the same thing with Palena (back room) and Rasika.

        If you are willing to eat late (after 8pm) you might try 1789 for a romantic dinner Saturday night. Another choice might be Fahrenheit in the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown.

        Many folks like Taberna del Alabardero but I haven't been in a while so I can't say how it is these days. It has a reputation as one of the best Spanish restaurants in the country and it was quite romantic the last time I went several years ago.

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        1. re: dinwiddie

          OK, so this is what we did:

          Friday lunch-- Hudson. Fine, cool atmosphere near hotel
          Friday dinner--Obelisk, divine
          Sat lunch- Bistro Bis--yum
          Sat Dinner- Mate, food egh, loungy clubby

          thank you so much for all your recommendations!