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Nov 15, 2009 02:31 AM

Scups on the Harbor - Breakfast! and now dinner, too

Just had another great breakfast at Scups!

For those who don't remember - Scups is probably - along with Speeds! - the most unusually sited restaurant in Boston - It's in the middle of a working marine terminal in Eastie, overlooking the inner harbor and the Boston skyline. It's a pleasant walk from Maverick Square T stop; if you're driving, just wave to the guard, if he pops up, as you drive in!

Yesterday I had their great parsnip soup, half an "Asian" empanada, and a bite of my friend's wonderful "millionaire's bacon" - thick sliced, with brown sugar and "secret ingredients". I'm getting my own dish of these next time! I love how you order something simple - like grilled cheese, but get something really interesting thrown in, like fresh garlic dressing.

The place is cheerful and welcoming, with a long communal table and stools with a view. (And breakfast isn't served until 10, alas!)

I haven't tried their dinners, yet. The cooks are trying out lots of things, apparently with the same homey but interesting bent as their breakfast items, with a few specials every day instead of a regular menu.

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  1. Just went for the first time yesterday! Amazing! Ditto on the millionaire's bacon. Possibly the most delicious bacon I've ever tasted! The parsnip soup was also delicious, and I loved both their breakfast BLT (that pesto! That cheese!) and the egg sandwich with bacon. The brioche french toast was a big hit in our group, but the slices were a bit too thick and eggy for my taste.

    I loved everything about this place. A wonderful find!

    1. Seven of our crew & our delightful chowpup met last Saturday morning at 10am for breakfast at the big tressel table. We had the breakfast BLT, the Rapture, brioche French toast, Millionaire’s bacon, crostini-like toast rounds w/spicy carrot dip & herby-cheesy white dip among other things. Service was excellent w/the table quickly covered w/our tasty choices. It was a challenge to divide things up, but we were all satisfied(note to self - bring sharp knife to our weekend eats & chowdowns). Jump in here, crew, & elaborate. Short walk from Maverick along Marginal St. past pretty Piers Park looking across the harbor at Boston.

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        We also had a delicious cheddar sandwich, with more of that terrific, spicy, sweet bacon, and a chickpea, etc. salad. I got a wonderful oatmeal raisin cookie and a scone (delicious, can't remember what variety it was) from their wonderful baker Thalia, to keep me happy during the wonderful HD broadcast of Carmen that afternoon (not at Scups!)

        The week before, I had brought a bittersweet brownie with whipped cream and fudge, and a maple mousse, from Scup's to our crew's meal at Xinh Xinh - even though we were already happily stuffed with VietNamese food, the crew happily devoured the desserts in about one minute!

        1. re: Taralli

          You were allowed to bring the chowpup inside?

          1. re: El Guapo

            She's a two year old girl/miniHound!

            But since Scup is a dog, they're often also pup-doggie friendly!

            1. re: fredid

              Finally a breakfast place in Boston worth driving for! Thanks for introducing it to us fredid!

              My fav was the grilled cheese (and that maple mousse was yumm too).

        2. Add me to theScups fan club. I've been meaning to get over there and finally had an excuse to be in the neighborhood. We had a roast pork/cilanto/tomato sandwich on grilled French bread and the popular BLT. Friendly service, high quality ingredients, that are well prepared at a reasonable price. IT is a very casual room, basically 1 big table, 1 small. Few tables outside..while it's on the waterfront, don't expect the expansive ocean views of something like Anthony's but that didn't bother me. No view from inside..working shipyard view from outdoor tables. I happen to enjoy wandering around shipyards so that was a plus for me..:)

          If you're downtown and want a short boat ride,the water taxi is a great way to get there. They have some type of deal with them.

          Beer and wine license recently added.

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            Good timing to bump this thread! I just went there last night with some friends who live in the area and really enjoyed it too. I had the vegetable soup - nothing amazing but nice; and a chicken salad club, also very good. Also a glass of very good Pinot Noir. Friends had the shrimp scampi over pasta which was pronounced good but a little dull, and the grilled cheese sandwich, which was excellent. We split one of those brownies as well - very good, not sweet, very intense bittersweet chocolate taste. I'd certainly go back, especially in warm weather when the picnic tables are open.

            The place definitely feels like a secret hideaway. Also note that there are some artists who work in spaces in the marina and their work is scattered around the property - another reason to take a trip off the beaten path.

            1. re: MichaelB

              I noticed and liked some of the art; didn't know there was much of a community there. Took a few pics; just to give a feel for the place.