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Nov 15, 2009 02:02 AM

Yoma delights!

Ten of us descended on Yoma (the Burmese restaurant in Allston, near Union Square) for lunch yesterday, ordering a variety of salads - tea leaf, fresh ginger, mango, and homemade chickpea tofu; spicy chicken soup, garlic noodles, and two specials from the back of the menu, one pumpkin and one eggplant. (Someone will pipe in with their exact names.)

The salads were very fresh, with a nice complexity, and larger then the small plates that several of us remembered from past visits. The ginger had QUITE the kick, the mango was not sweet, and a nice contrast to the ginger, the tea leaf came out in small piles of ingredients, mixed together it was interesting and refreshing, and the tofu was delightful and pilllowy.

The spicy chicken soup was delicate, but again, with a nice complexity, filled with (rice?) noodles, mushrooms, and other goodies. Garlic noodles were the most ordinary thing we had; some liked them as a way to "round out" the meal. The pumpkin, with big, soft chunks, was nicely contrasted by a large bowl of well fried shallots and their crunch. Some of us couldn't resist topping many of the dishes with them! And the eggplant was an interesting mixture - sorry I'm not very good at deconstructing!

To end the meal, we were given cubes of a rice"jelly" - not the right word...that we all enjoyed.

Pictures will follow!

A great meal! As I mentioned, the portions were significantly larger then we remembered; ordering double portions, this was a great repast for ten, with a total bill of $20 each!

YoMa Burmese Restaurant
5 N Beacon St, Allston, MA 02134

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  1. Very pleasant meal with friendly service. My favorites were the two spiciest dishes—ginger salad (jinn thot) and the spicy chicken soup (jar zan hin gar)—but the refreshing mango salad and “super pumpkin” trailed close behind, especially when the latter was garnished with those addictive crispy fried shallots.

    Tip: Spring for the coconut rice rather than the jasmine rice; even though it’s twice the price, it’s a much tastier way to quench any fire started by the innocuous-looking chile peppers lurking in some of the salads.

    Further menu deconstruction: The “joyful eggplant” dish consisted of Asian eggplants cooked with shrimp, pork, tomatoes, onion, and peanuts—all good flavors individually, but the sum to me was somewhat less than the constituent parts. And the complimentary dessert seemed to be a kind of solidified sweet rice pudding made with coconut milk and cut into diamond shapes.

    Photos are here:

    1. I love this restaurant! I had lunch there this weekend, too - tried the squash and shrimp dish, which I'd never had before. It came with the toasted shallots, that have a bit of a chili kick and nice crunch when sprinkled on top, and the dish is really addictive.

      I've also had the mango salad, which is excellent. In fact, I've never had anything at YoMa that wasn't scrumptious.