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Nov 14, 2009 11:24 PM

Mauviel Saute pan

I'd appreciate any users' comments on the Mauviel Saute pan and or Mauviel in general.

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  1. I have a lot of the Mauviel 2.5mm with the cast iron handles. Sauce pans, sautes, skillets, sauciers. I'm very happy with all of them. Can't beat the performance. Weight is an issue to keep in mind htough. The 3 qt saute is heavy. I want a 5 qt piece but don't want a single handle due to the weight issue so am looking at Falk or Bourgeat instead.

    This stuff is expensive. I was able to buy all this at deep discount at my old job. I wouldn't have it otherwise. If budget allows you'll definitely be happy. If budget is an issue I'd really consider which pieces I bought. I'm not sure having a copper saute is the way to go. I'd put the money into a saucier or skillet instead.

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    1. Take a look at the Q&A for the eGullet discussion "Understanding Stovetop Cookware". The Q&A is monstrously long (21 pages), as it has been added to for over 6 years, but somewhere in the middle is a long discussion of copper cookware. The consensus of contributors is that Falk Culinair is the cream of the crop and, because of the brushed finish, is easier to keep looking good than either Mauviel or Bourgeat. People are especially enthusiastic about Falk's 3-quart saucier.

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      1. re: cheesemaestro

        Mine isn't Falk but I will agree my 3 qt saucier is probably my favorite piece of copper.

        I keep eyeing that small try me Falk saucier. I need it like a hole in the head but it's a great price and my excuse is it will let me see what the Falk is like before investing in a large piece(really just an excuse since i know quality isn't an issue!)

      2. casimir, our response may not be what you were asking for.

        We have had an induction cooktop for a decade, and copper cookware (for which Mauviel is justly most renowned) is not a fixture of our kitchen. We do, however, have a saucier made by Mauviel, in its now very difficult to find Induc'inox line. Mauviel Induc'inox is highly magnetic steel encased in layers of easy-care stainless steel. Our Mauviel Induc'inox splay-sided saucier ("Windsor" pan) is functionally the finest piece of cookware we own. It cooks as responsively and evenly as any pot or pan we ever have used. However, it is heavy, and we opted for the (gorgeous) brass handles, which could be better shaped for holding a heavy pot.

        We love our Mauviel pot; it is our best pot; but flawless it is not.

        1. I have a Mauviel saute pan with a tin lining and brass handles. Great pan, but the brass handles tend to get hotter than the comparable saute pans I have from Demeyere or Cuisinart, which are stainless steel. It is a factor when I am choosing which pot to use. I bought mine from Bridge Kitchenware when they were selling lots of it, and you could get 2.5 mm Mauviel with either cast iron or brass handles.

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          1. re: RGC1982

            Many thanks politeness,rgc and cheese for your comments. I don't need Mauviel but I badly want it. The 11.5inch 4.9qt Mauviel saute pan (in my opinion), would be ideal for sauces and risotto. The price is astronomical ...around $590 US online. Maybe the 3qt would be more practical,and cheaper!

            What is the benefit of brass handles? What is the most usable handle stainless or brass?

            1. re: casimir

              That was the next pan on my list. However, I've decided against because of the weight and lack of helper handle . It's a monster. I have trouble handling the 3qt saute when full as it also doesn't have a helper handler and the 5 qt empty requires two hands a lot of strength on my part. Have you held one yet? This is why i'm looking at a 5qt in the Falk and Bourgeat lines instead...they're rondeaus and have the two loop handles. Easier for handling such a heavy pan in my opinion.

              That said...i make risotto in my 3 qt saucier. you might want to look at that instead. IT's an excellent pan for risotto...and as mentioned above the saucier is really teh way to go in copper. Particularly if you're going to make sauces as you mention.

              The brass handles conduct heat faster. and get hot. I have the cast iron, they do eventually get hot but much much slower. I haven't seen the 2.5mm line in stainless handles? Is there such a thing? Generally stainless handless stay cool if designed properly but i'd stick with the 2.5mm if the stainless doesn't come in that thickness.