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Nov 14, 2009 09:04 PM

abalone?! huh?

Any abalone recipe ideas? Got some fresh abalone from the dock and don't know what to do with it! I've never cooked it before and only eaten it once and can't even remember the preparation!

Help! :)

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  1. I'd eat it raw...abalone sashimi
    Sautee it with some butter and whatever you do, don't overcook it.

    1. You can do just about anything with it.

      Eat it raw
      Chop it up and use in soups or stews
      Braise it with some mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions
      Stir fry with oyster sauce
      Batter it up and deep fry it (tempura style)

      1. The "traditional" preparation: slice about 3/16 thick, pound it well with a meat tenderizer mallot. dip in milk, roll in crumbs lightly, and saute in butter and olive oil. It doesn't take much cooking time and it is really tough if you overcook.

        Alternative: Teke the whole ab, wrap in a towel and beat on it with a mallat or rolling pin to tenderize, cut a "checkerboard" 1/3 of the way through top and bottom, rub with lots of butter and fresh chopped garlic OR salsa, fresh peppers and a splash of tequila, wrap with foil and put on the grill until tender.

        I used to grill them like that a lot when I lived in Cali and collected dozens each year from Sonoma and Mendocino coast.

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          ReneErm sounds about right, we used to scuba dive and we would slice it thin about 1/4inch and pan fry for about 15 seconds on each side, if overcooked it will be tough.

        2. From the New York Times article about abalone this summer. Abalone, Meunière-Style and Abalone Ceviche .

          1. That abalone probably isn't much bigger than the size of your fist. Not like the abalone we'd dive for 25+ years ago which were so abundant.
            Here are some recipes I found