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Nov 14, 2009 07:03 PM

Quick and tasty near Roanoke, VA or South on I-81?

We're about to do the "Trail of the Ancients" drive from Staunton, VA down I-81 to I-26 (Asheville and then Charleston, SC) to visit both sets of parents. We'll be leaving this Thursday evening, and would like to find something at about Roanoke or a little further that isn't standard national-brand "road filth". I'm open to relatively fast, moderate-to-inexpensive deliciousness of all sorts. Not too far from the Interstate, if possible (the parents don't stay up so late). My dream would be that some kind individual has opened a Pho shop in the Southern VA I-81 corridor... sorry, drifted off into my own world for a moment there.

Anything tasty- non-canned good Southern, interesting ethnic... no hamburgers, please- that's what's being avoided.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Or maybe even something for carryout? I would apppreciate any suggestions...

      1. I'm hoping you will get an answer also as I will be travling that path Thanksgiving week.

        1. Roanoke to Bristol is chain restaurant hell. That said there is a good chinese restaurant just off the interstate in Wytheville. It's called Peking. Also there's the Log House in Wytheville. The decor is better than the food though. There's a couple of nice restaurants in Abingdon, VA- Ellis Soda Shoppe and Allison's both located on Main Street. I also like Chick-n-Little on Main Street- good meat and 3 place. There's been a couple of threads about I-81 road food, you may want to do a search.