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Nov 14, 2009 06:27 PM

Breckenridge CO eats?

Hi! I'm heading to Breckenridge to ski the week after Christmas. I've never been, and want to get a chance to get some great eats while I'm there. A bit of a pain, I am....gotta be healthy, no chains if possible, vegetarian or pescetarian is best. I can do a steak house as long as there's an option for me. Quality over quantity. Sushi is a fave. I'll go off the beaten path for a great dinner/cup of coffee...If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. relish in breck
    ski tip in keystone
    alpenglow stube on keystone (need to take gondola up)
    steak and rib is overrated, but ok.
    hearthstone is ok.

    will you have a car? 40 minute drive to vail...
    la tour
    sweet basil

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    1. re: alpine chef

      That's not an easy 40 minutes in the winter. And you got 3 out of 4 right on Vail. I'd do Food Hedz (sp) next to Walmart in Frisco before driving Vail Pass.

      1. re: BlueOx

        I second the motion on FoodHedz in Frisco. They are closed Sunday and Monday, so plug that into your planning. Also Modis on Breck's main drag. If you like sushi, you might try Mountain Flying Fish Wasabi. I haven't been to either but have passed Flying Fish and know Wasabi has been there for a long time, so this is information, not a personal recommdndation.

        1. re: BlueOx

          depends on conditions, type of car, and more importantly...type of tire. i moved out here in 01 from sf and breck to vail has been my daily commute. ony have been to food hedz once and had a mediocre experience. many friends have offered contradictory reports, so i'll give it another try. only issues i have had with any of the 4 vail restaurants i mentioned is inconsistant service at basil for dinner (has not been an issue when we've gone for lunch).

      2. I'll be a bit negative, but we have a condo in Breck (and live in Denver), and I wouldn't really call any restaurant in Breck "great eats." (Caveat: we haven't been to Modis.) I've heard that locals like the South Ridge Grill, which has seafood, but we haven't been there, either (something about having seafood in the middle of the country just doesn't add up to me). If we want great eats, we make it ourselves (bring beef or seafood up from Denver), or for special occasions, drive over to Vail. We mostly do that in the summer, though. During the winter, we're usually tired enough from skiing all day (either downhill or cross country) that the drive to Vail for dinner isn't worth it. But if you make the drive, I'd also recommend Larkspur and La Tour. Sweet Basil I've always thought is kind of "look at me," but others just love it.

        On the positive side, there are only two chain restaurants in Breck; they've been pretty successful at keeping the rest out (the two are Starbucks and Bubba Gump).

        For vegetarian, My Thai is a pretty good choice. Not so authentic, but the food is good, the service is fast. Mi Casa isn't authentic Mexican, but again, the food is pretty good. The corn chowder is great, and is sometimes very spicy, but usually only medium spicy. FIesta Jalisco is more authentic Mexican, has vegetarian and seafood items. Very fast service, but not much on ambience.

        Flying Fish Sushi and Wasabi (two separate places) are both good choices, but without being an expert at sushi or Asian food, I'd say the quality was average. We really love the noodles and the people at Denzaemon Cafe, 216 S Main. But it's primarily a noodle shop, so we've only eaten lunch there, never dinner.

        For coffee, a fun place in Breck is The Crown. They kind of have everything there, coffee drinks, liquor, cheese plates and other small dishes, and desserts. They have comfy sofas and games and magazines sitting around. It will probably be packed the week after Christmas. Other places for coffee are Clint's, which has great baked goods, decent coffee, but is a very local kind of place (kind of an atittude issue) and Greta's.

        Never been to Steak and Rib (I really hate steakhouses), I would agree that Hearthstone is ok. It will be packed during the week after Christmas; so service will suffer a bit. Relish, we went to once; must not have been very memorable, as we've never returned.

        The Swiss Haven is your usual fondue place. It can be expensive, but the owners and staff have always been very welcoming and friendly, so that's nice, and it's always a fun evening.