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Nov 14, 2009 05:13 PM

Lamb: Coolidge Variety & Deli

After my Arax trip, I finally made it over to Coolidge Deli on Bigelow in Watertown. The counter display was not impressive. Noticing my befuddlement the butcher asked if I wanted lamb. "Sure," I say. He proceeds to pull out lamb carcass sections, the shoulder the ribs the neck. I see a lamb begin to form on the cutting board. I see that all the action is in the meat locker behind the counter. He describes the different pieces, how they get trimmed, cost and origin (Colorado). I walked out with meaty lamb chops which are resting on the counter now as my braising juice separates. It was such a pleasant shopping experience.

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  1. They've also started carrying Island Creek oysters, $1 apiece. And, they know how to tap 'em to make sure you don't get home to find your oysters dry (I HATE that).

    1. No way, that goofy little place. Cool. Oyster's too. I'm shocked but will give it a whirl.

      1. In the past I've gotten great deals on lamb shanks--they cut kebabs for one of the local festivals. Can't remember the timing though.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Thanks again for the tip - stopped in today on my Russo's run - asked about the lamb and he only had a leg left for the week - but he offered to cut a steak from it - perfect !
            Also had some nice looking pork chops so got a couple of those - the butcher today was named Nick - real nice guy - offered to hold anything I wanted aside if I called ahead in the future - this place is definitely going into the rotation - the steak was pan-seared and finished in the oven - great taste and soooo tender...

          2. I was looking for some chicken for kabobs after my Arax purchases, and they pointed me to this place. I was completely charmed! The butcher was as friendly and accommodating as could be, told some amusing Armenian jokes, and then cut the chicken into kabob pieces and in general took really good care of me. The boneless breast was under $4/lb., and nice and fresh. I'll definitely go back for a further look. Happy to support such a warm local business.