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Nov 14, 2009 05:04 PM

El Gaucho Steakhouse in Brooklyn

Does anyone have any recent feedback about El Gaucho Glatt on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn.
We've been there several times in the past and enjoyed their steak. We haven't been there in quite a while, and since we're thinking of going soon with another couple, we wanted to make sure it hasn't gone downhill.
Please also include menu recommendations, or things to avoid.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Though I was disappointed not to have received any answers to my original post, we returned to El Gaucho with friends, hoping for the best. There are quite a few interesting options on the menu, but, afraid to take the chance on something new, I decided to stick to the choices I had been happy with in the past. I ordered their Tropical Salad (greens, sliced pear, almonds, and hearts of palm in what they call a mango dressing), which I had enjoyed in the past. It was still very tasty.
    For the main, I had the Prime Rib Steak on the bone. Over the years my tastes for steak have evolved from "well done", to "medium well". But I remembered that on my last visit, though the "medium well" was tasty, it was still a bit too dry for me. This time I took the plunge, and ordered the "medium". It was absolutely perfect - delicious, moist and juicy on the inside, and nicely charred on the outside.
    Another member of our party ordered the chorizo as an appetizer, and the rib steak which was off the bone, as his main. He enjoyed them both very much, as well.
    The only disappointment was the desserts. We didn't enjoy the taste and consistency of the chocolate mousse, or the taste of the caramel flan. The cake of the day was brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, which was just o.k. I seem to remember trying other of their desserts in the past, and also being disappointed. Though I hope that the desserts will improve,I would still highly recommend El Gaucho to all who enjoy a really good steak in Brooklyn.
    I still haven't given up that others with menu recommendations for El Gaucho will contribute to this thread.

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      See previous threads about this restaurant. I didn't respond because you asked for only recent experiences, and I haven't been there in a while. Glad to hear it's still maintaining its standards.

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        What are the prices like? The food sounds delicious..

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          You can check out their menu and prices.Their website is .

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          Is this a restaurant that tweens & teens will feel comfortable or is it more formal.?

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            No,it is not formal at all. I had the empanadas and that mixed grill a few weeks ago. The mixed grill is enough for 2 if you get appetizers and are don't have very large appetites. If either of you want a lot of one of the items ,then I don't recommend it. The food is good ,though. I've been there there a few times and always enjoyed.

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              Though it's not overly formal, it's definitely more formal than a fast food place, or a Dougies type restaurant.
              As for the menu, aside from the steaks, a lot of the items are a little exotic - not a typical American style menu- but there is a children's menu.
              I think if you check their website, you can get a better idea.

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                Is it related at all to the El Gaucho in Jerusalem?

                1. re: craigcep

                  No, not at all. They just lifted the name.

        3. El Gaucho Glatt great place in Borough Park. The service is great, fast and very friendly so is the atmosphere the food the BBQ, Prime Rib quality amazing. As soon as you see the food you get excited and this is real gaucho Argentinean BBQ. The portable grill is so unique. We will definitely go back.

          1. We went here last night- enjoyable place. The food was good- we were five of us and shared two of the grills. It was definitely enough food. Service wasn't so great- waitress refused to sub something for the sweetbreads, and gave us a hard time about switching french fries for onion rings. Bread and water took 30 minutes to get to our table. We asked for a pitcher of water since our glasses were not refilled, and we were told no.

            The food was good- two mixed grills with chicken breasts, chicken cutlets, sausage, short ribs, skirt steak, and ribsteak. Each grill came with two sides- the menu listed spiced fries and salad. We asked to switch one of the fries for onion rings, and eventually the waitress agreed. It was definitely enough food for all of us...

            Total for 5 people with dessert and tip was about $140. Personally, I wouldn't run back there, but if I ended up there with friends I wouldn't argue.