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Nov 14, 2009 04:44 PM

Thanksgiving dressing

Okay I like dressing not stuffing like my grandmother used to make. Can I have some ideas on dressings please for Thanksgiving - I need actual recipes since I am not well versed in this kind of cooking. Last year I made a good one with cornbread, apples and sausage, but I cannot remember which recipe I used so am looking for some new ideas this year.

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  1. You'll find a lot of ideas here:

    But bear in mind that when you say dressing versus stuffing, you're talking about baking it outside the turkey versus inside. There's no difference in recipes.

    1. I am a grandmother...... There is no distinction between "dressing" and "stuffing". Just different terms for the same thing.

      Bread Stuffing/Dressing for Roast Turkey

      1 large loaf (1½ pounds) of stale white bread (I buy "stuffing bread" at the store)
      1 cup diced celery
      1 tablespoon chopped onion
      ½ cup butter, or rendered turkey fat
      2 teaspoons poultry seasoning + 1 (tsp.) rubbed sage
      1½ teaspoons salt (I used 2 tsps)
      1/8 teaspoon black pepper
      1 cup cooled broth, from cooking giblets and neck (or ½ cup milk)
      2 whole eggs (beat eggs well and add to the cooled broth)
      (NOTE: Where most recipes do not include using the liver....I chop it very fine and add it to the stuffing, too. Hate to waste anything!)

      Remove crust from bread and cut in 1-inch dice. Sauté celery and onion in butter until soft and yellow. Add bread and seasonings and toss until well mixed. Cool. Add broth last, and again toss until mixed. Stuff lightly into turkey. Makes enough for a 10 pound bird.
      Guess this could be roaster seperately, (not in bird) in a pan by itself. However, I stuff the bird just before going into the oven. At put-away-time, when the dinner is over....I remove the stuffing from the bird cavity to be stored, by itself, in the refrigerator. My Mom did it this way and that is how I have done it for years. Nobody ever got sick or was poisened. (Am I tempting fate?)

      Stuffing (dresssing) roasted in the bird adds to the delicious flavor of the turkey! The stuffing contributes flavor to the meat; and the meat juices add flavor to the stuffing.

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        I can assure you that Southern Cornbread based dressings bear No resemblance to the bread based recipes commonly found elsewhere...Whatever you call or out of the poultry.......

        Have Fun!

        1. re: Lisbet

          Stuffing = term used when filling is roasted in the cavity of the bird

          Dressing = term indicates that filling is roasted, separately, in a pan (not in the bird)

          1. re: Lisbet

            Your definitions are widely accepted....I understand and respect them.
            However in some parts of the South...

            Dressing = term for Cornbread based Southern recipes...regardless of where it's cooked (In or Out of the bird)
            Stuffing = term for bread based recipes not common in the South

            I can assure you that Southern Cornbread based dressings bear little or No resemblance to the bread based recipes commonly found elsewhere...Whatever you CALL it..IN or OUT of the poultry.......

            Bon Appetit

            1. re: Uncle Bob

              Thanks for all the replies - I have been living in the South for a while now and like the crusty bits you get when you bake the dressing outside of the bird. I will be attempting my cornbread on Wednesday and baking the dressing Thursday.
              Happy Turkey day/Thanksgiving to all

            2. re: Lisbet

              I just think it's a regional and age thing, maybe. When I was growing up (in New England) we all called it "dressing", even though everybody I knew of at the time cooked it inside the bird. Don't even know whether that was true throughout New England (calling it "dressing"), but it's how we referred to it in my little corner.

              Now, because of the more common practice of cooking it outside the bird, it sort of makes sense, logically, to call it "stuffing" if cooked inside the cavity and "dressing" if cooked outside. But the increased reticence to cook it inside the bird is relatively new.

            3. re: Lisbet

              Lisbet, your recipe is what I will be using for Thanksgiving, only I will be adding a package of Jimmy Dean bulk sausage browned with the onions and celery, and a chopped apple.

              I fluctuate sometimes between a fresh bread stuffing like this, or using Pepperidge Farm stuffing crumbs. Last year for my "all organic" diiner I made the fresh bread stuffing and it was so good, I am going with it again this year.

              Making a broth from the giblets is a huge flavor enhancement to the stuffing. Giblet broth is also an excellent gravy base.