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Nov 14, 2009 04:25 PM

driving from Boston to Florida

We will be leaving next Thursday from Lawrence, Ma at 5pm. Looking to stop for dinner around 8pm and breakfast and lunch the next day. If anyone has done this trip before and has any great suggestions as to where to stop that would be great!!!!

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  1. I drive from Andover to Fairfield County, CT every Thuirsday.
    If you leave Lawrence at 5PM and use 495 to I-290 to Mass Pike to I-84 (Sturbridge) then I-91 south from Hartford, you will arrive in New Haven at 7:40 PM or Bridgeport at about 8:10 PM

    There are many great restaurants in both area, BUT before I can give recommendations, are you travelling with or without children?

    What type of food do you like? What is you budget and timetable for dinner?

    Is your car going to be packed with baggeage visible through the windows? I don't recommend parking on the stree with exposed baggage, and it also affects recommendations.

    Your breakfast will probably be in the Baltimore/Wash DC area, so you might ask on that board.

    1. We are traveling with 3 children-2 of them are 14yo and one is 10. they all eat everything. We are not going to have a ton of baggage. We dont want fine dining...just something good and not chain fast food.