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freezing the fresh turkey?

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Okay, I am cooking my second Thanksgiving and had a great moist bird last year using a kosher turkey from TJ's. I bought one today, but am unsure do I freeze it until next weekend and then start defrosting it, or do I keep it in the fridge?

Also will be my Mum's first Thanksgiving ever and want to make some great sides... any suggestions. I do have limited oven space since the turkey will take all the space up for ~3-4 hours on the day.

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  1. Go by the "use by" date on the label. Regulations allow turkeys chilled to below 32 degrees to be sold as "fresh". They in fact need a few days of defrosting. Since your bird is already in brine, that will further extend its safe refrigeration period. Go by what the label says.

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      Okay so since my sell by date is Nov 28, I should be safe keeping it in the refrigerator. Appreciate the help

      1. re: chloesabrina

        Yes ...If your refrigerator is 40* or less....Less would be mo better.

        Have Fun & Enjoy!

        1. re: Uncle Bob

          Good point - chloesabrina, keep the turkey in the rear of the lowest shelf of your fridge, as that is the coldest spot. But check in a few days to make sure that it isn't freezing in the area closest to the rear wall. Move it to the front a day or two before cooking.