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Nov 14, 2009 04:13 PM

Providence Reservation, but...(and a breakfast/brunch rec)

Hello LA Hounds,

I will be traveling in Southern California, Mid-January (15-17) for my birthday weekend to take in some museums and art galleries. I booked a reservation for Providence today for one of my dinners but was wondering if there are any other dining opportunities I shouldn't miss. Being from a culinary wasteland (Fresno) I jump at any opportunity I can to get good food. I will be traveling with a significant other who has never had the joy of fine dining in a Michelin-Starred restaurant. We have been to Lucques and loved it so I am looking along the lines of the same kind of food but am open to try anything.

Planning to stay down in the Long Beach area, which is equidistant, for our potential plans as they develop and we will have a car so driving isn't a huge deal. I was looking at the 5-course ($85) and wouldn't want to exceed this limit at any other restaurant. We both love French food (last time we tried Le Petit and were happy) as well and I was looking at the Menu Seduction for Ortolan as well, just to give a reference of the food we like. As I said before however, we love all food types/styles.

Regarding the breakfast/brunch, I love the pancakes at John O'Groats and will be going there at least one day for that pleaser, and Uncles Bill's as well. But I would like to know of any other great spots for a Saturday morning in the Long Beach area or within 5-or-so miles of that area near the freeway. I want to try a new spot, I am the sweet type & the SO is savory but we share and will go either way if something catches our eye!

Thanks in Advance for your feedback!

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  1. Church and State downtown is a great little French bistro -- from your self-description, you'll love it.

    My fiance and I can't get enough of Animal. Our favorite dinner spot in LA right now.

    There are tons of reviews of both restaurants on this board.

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      Second both of these.

      In Long Beach, for breakfast...
      Bake n Broil
      The Coffee Cup Cafe
      Schooner or Later
      Potholder Cafe

      Coffee Cup Cafe
      3734 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814

    2. Bistro LQ.

      It's not for everyone, however; sort of like scrapple -- some people love it, others think it's just gross.

      Bistro LQ
      8009 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

      1. Ortolan is an excellent choice--one of my favorites. I will also second Emme's recommendation of Bake 'n Broil for breakfast.

        Bake 'n Broil
        3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

        1. Melisse in Santa Monica will give you the full haute cuisine dining experience. it's right up there with Providence. It's also more French than Providence. Both are the best (serious) restaurants in the city.

          The Bazaar should also be considered. It's quite an experience.

          1. I think that pretty much all of the recs so far are excellent ones, but I wouldn't be so quick to trade over from Providence. If it were me, and if I'd never been to any of these, Providence would still be my first choice.