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Nov 14, 2009 03:58 PM

Best Thanksgiving Sides ??

We are providing the turkey & people are bringing asst. things, but worrying about filing some side dish holes-like corn, green beans, carrots.

Anyone care to recommend any favorite side -dish takeout places ?

East Side preferred.
Thanks !

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  1. I sounds like you don't want to cook the sides, but if you change your mind, I make this every year, and it's not only absolutely delicious, but pretty easy.

    Joans on Third makes a yummy cauliflower/bread crumb thing, but it'll cost ya! Gelsons hot food bar has a lot of things-mashed potatos, stuffing, different veggies and stuffing. And it's pretty much a one stop shop. Also, Glad makes a vegetable steamer bag-you can just throw in broccoli, green beans, carrots, whatever with a little garlic, olive oil and lemon pepper and voila! Plenty of veggie sides in under 5 minutes (and not taking up any of your burners!)

    1. Might want to check out the Trader Joe's Thanksgiving flyer. Lot's of ideas and pre-prepared sides and stuff.