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Nov 14, 2009 03:43 PM

Need advice - Christmas dinner in Vancouver


my family are all meeting in Vancouver for Christmas. (Wife and I live in GA, sons live in Seattle and the Northeast) We are staying downtown, and are looking for advice for where to have dinner Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. I figured that ethnic restaurants might be the best bet, but the only great one I have heard about is Vij's, and they informed me that they are closed Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. I suppose we can find a decent restaurant at one of the more prominent hotels, but I thought I'd check with folks here for alternative suggestions.


- Dave

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

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  1. The big Chinese restaurants are usually open on Christmas and are often very busy. I'm assuming you are staying downtown? If so give Kirin (Alberni St location) or Imperial a call.

    Other options include Kirin (Cambie and 12th), and Sun Sui Wah (Main St).

    1. If you are interested in Ethnic - have you thought about Japanese Izakayas? Vancouver downtown is riddled with them and they are all pretty tasty - a couple to recommend: Guu (on Robson OR the location in Gastown), Hapa (on Robson OR in Kits), Kingyo.

      You could call Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown - amazing food - see if they are open.

      Cambodian at Phnom Penh in Chinatown (near downtown) - must have the chicken wings. Very casual restaurant. Not sure if you are looking for more upscale.

      838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

      871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L9, CA

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        I was just reading about these izakayas-- would it be appropriate to bring a teenager to one for lunch or snack or dinner? Thanks

        1. re: debmom

          Not a problem, debmom. Some may get a little raucous later in the evening but not at dinner.

          1. re: grayelf

            Thanks, I think we will give it a try!

            1. re: debmom

              Go for dinner instead of lunch. Most izakaya downtown only serve izakaya food at dinnertime.

              1. re: fmed

                Good point, fmed, I didn't notice that debmom asked about lunch!

              2. re: debmom

                Loved it! We went early to Guu's and Gyosa! Loved your city:) loved your food :)

                838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

                  1. re: fmed

                    We actually went to Guu at lunchtime so we had lunch specials-- chicken teriyaki and kuage- both served over rice. Each came with miso soup. It was very good but even better was Gyosa at night where we had miso soup, green salad, chicken wings, and, of course, outstanding gyosa! My DH had sashimi that was also wonderful. All of the food was freshly prepared and delicious.

                    838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

        2. Oh - Tropika on Robson will probably be open to. Living in Calgary I would love to have some Tropika right now but in Vancouver, there are tons other comparable restaurants.

          1. Thank you all for the suggestions. I have contacted Blue Water and Tropika, and will let you know what I hear.

            1. Blue Water is closed Dec 24 & 25th. No word on Tropika.

              Appreciate opinions about hotel restaurants, like the William Tell in the Georgian Court.


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              1. re: dflanz

                Yes - you will find that most restaurants will be closed. A good way to scope is to use OpenTable if they use it. If it looks like you can book on those days, then give the place a call to make sure.

                A short list of hotel restaurants that are good are: Market, Yew, Diva, Voya, Cibo. Otherwise, the Chinese places above (which are "high-end", BTW in case you are wondering) might be the ticket.

                Cibo Ristorante
                900 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9, CA

                Voya Restaurant (closed for renovations)
                1177 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 0A3, CA

                Diva At The Met
                645 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6C2Y9, CA

                YEW restaurant + bar
                791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2T4, CA

                1. re: fmed

                  thank you, fmed! We will check these out.