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Nov 14, 2009 03:23 PM

In town one night

I am in town one night, (tonight) where should I eat for a memorable meal? I have read some reviews of delilah's and think that I will give that one a miss.... yes I am tourist but I want to eat where the the local foodies (hestitate to use that word) eat. I am downtown Harbor steps area and will mostly be walking..... help!!!!

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  1. I know I left it to the very last minute to ask, but I thought "give it a try"....anyway, I decided to got to Boka on 1st ave as it is closed to my hotel.... from other reviews and their website it looked to be about food and have some food swankiness that I also appreciate. But upon arrival the first thing I saw was two TV's and that was enough to turn me off (excuse the pun). As far as I am concerned for a restaurant TV's are a definate No No, unless it is a chain or a sportsbar, and their lounge (no TV) also sexy didn't have a server this evening..... so same food, same prices but no service? Instead I went to Union (also on 1st, kitty corner to the SAM).... I only had an appy ( I thought I was going to do a restaurant tour) but it was big enough to be a nice sized meal with room for dessert.... The staff was friendly interested in what I had to say, remebered my name ( which they get kudos for) [every one always mis-pronounces it], and attentive.... and the food was good (and seasonably appropriate). They treated it like a craft and as a craft/artist person seriousness of one vocation is always bonus to me. I will go back the next time I'm in town.

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      Good call; Union was definitely your best option within a 3 block radius of the Harbor Steps.

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        The staff were awesome, realized that I knew food and made sure I got most out of my experience!