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Nov 14, 2009 03:07 PM

Now it's time to explore a more Parisienne Paris-need your help!!


I've been living in Paris for 8 months now (finishing my culinary diploma) and am completely in love with this awesome and gorgeous city. I am moving from the 6th to the 3rd this weekend and will only be in Paris for another 6 weeks so it's time to kick up le fooding into high gear. I've been to many great places - Ledoyen, L'Ami Jean, Josephine et al..but would love to explore a more Parisienne side of Paris (if that makes sense). I adore places like Le Bistro Paul Bert (can't hear a lick of English for miles!) and have reservations at Le Chateaubriand as well as Ze Kitchen next week.

I am running through my list and need to add more suggestions, more frenchie places, more new french cuisine!! Give me what you got guys - I have time and a huge appetite!

What about "newer" boulangeries or patisseries? Been to Kayser, Laduree, Pierre Herme, Ble Sucre, Lenotre. Need more!

Thanks in advance for all your help...

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  1. Quedubon - rue du Plateau - (M Buttes Chaumont) weekday lunch is a great deal.

    Cristophe by the Pantheon

    Le baratin rue Jouye-Rouve

    most fun real parisian wine bar is Baron Rouge by the marche d'Aligre. go for oysters on sunday.

    le timbre is cozy and very good. you'll have to look that one up to find it. the name tells you about haow tiny it is.

    l' os a moelle is wonderful - 16th.

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    1. Try the less fancy, actual neighborhood bakeries -- e.Mayeur, 100, rue du Théatre; Pichard, rue Cambronne; The one at the corner of Barrault and Blanqui in the 13th (just discovered it and love it); Des Gateaux et du Pain, bd Pasteur; BE, bd de Courcelles; Milcent, rue du Bac; Millet, rue Saint Dominique; Julien and Gosselin (only for the tradition) both on rue Saint Honoré. For chocolate, you haven't mentioned the stars Roger, la Maison du Chocolate, Hévin, Mulot, etc. -- If you move to the 3rd, don't miss Génin (133, rue de Turenne). Patrick Duchêne, in the 13th belongs to both categories (chocolatier and neighborhood bakery).

      For new French cuisine, don't miss le Bistral on rue Lemercier. As for ZKG, hope you enjoy it, you were warned if you read the board. For traditional bistrots, what about l'Ourcine rue Broca; le Grand Pan; indeed Christophe, Baratin are musts (Christophe is a bistronomique, not a typical traditional Parisian bistrot).

      I actually have a map of bakeries that you can reach from my blog --

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        Though it's in the 5th, patisserie Carl Marletti, 51 rue Cencier, is magnificent. The tarte citron and eclairs are soooo vaut le voyage. And you can sit at one of the two tiny tables in front and have your pastry and a coffee. And while you're in the neighborhood, walk a bit further down rue Monge to the Boulangerie Monge. You won't be disappointed in either place, I promise.

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          New bakery, hmmn, out of the loop yet again, Certainly none here in Tokyo.

        2. More votes for Le Grand Pan and Le Baratin. Favorite hunk of bread is atLes Pains and Les Idees a block from Jacques Bonsergeant metro. The loaf for me is called a pagnol and is crusted enough to use as a club. Get it hot in the morning, miss it most of all Paris foods right now, OK there is poitrine fume to miss also. For wine bar try Jacques Nelac by Charonne metro, friendly good wine and snacks, great t shirt.