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Nov 14, 2009 02:04 PM

Happy Hill

We had a chowdown at Happy Hill today- 806 Centre St N. It was nice to have a big group of people so we could all try more things, and different people could help with the ordering. The food was pretty good- hsk pointed out that some of the fundamentals were off, but I think we all generally thought the food was pretty good. The roasted eggplant with shrimp paste was a hit- so were the pork and cilantro dumplings. The best part of the meal was probably the bill. We ordered a lot of food, a tonne of food really, and the bill came to $15 each including a very healthy tip.

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  1. I was at this place a couple of times in October for some rather late dinners and enjoyed the food. When did Chinese restaurants start giving little dishes of peanuts and pickled carrots? Great to snack on while waiting for food. It's the first time I tried pork intestine - I liked the texture but found the aroma a little off putting.

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      Happy Hill is open late at night for what the Chinese called "Tah Lan" - it's like dim sum dishes and you eat with a plain porridge. The little dishes are extremes in flavours like salty, sweet, etc. The little dishes of peanuts and pickled carrots are appetizers that are served to get your saliva going!

      The little dishes could be omelette with oysters, salty preserved vegetables (hahm choy), deep fried fish with lots of eggs, intestines or other pig innards. Most of these dishes are from the Teochew or Chiew Chau region.

      Hope I didn't lose anyone!

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        Late night Tah Lan sounds like a chowdown waiting to happen.

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          It's extremely affordable, too! I like the aforementioned "deep fried fish with lots of eggs."

          I've been there late on a Sunday evening, and we were perhaps one of five occupied tables in the restaurant.

    2. This looks like a good place to check out. I have yet to find a good chinese

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        Happy Hill is definitely one of the better places for tasty Chinese food. They usually have specials that offer some more unique dishes.

        The flavours are clean, and the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. Although I tend to prefer places with a 'grungier' kitchen (not dirty, per se, but with a more pronounced 'wok hei'), Happy Hill has always done a solidly good job with the dishes that I have tried.

      2. just to back up what mawson said, I thought the dim sum was good. It didn't blow my mind or anything, but definitely another solid option for dim sum in town. Even with a big group, we only just skimmed the menu, trying the dim sum mainstays. Next time i might get a bit more adventurous. but the deep fried eggplant and pork and cilantro dumplings were definitely the hit.

        I should add that we arrived at 11 and the place was pretty quiet, but by noon, there was a line up. They do an a-la-carte service, no carts in sight.

        pictures over at

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          Had dinner at Happy Hill and the waitress told me that they have a special deal on the "Tah Lan" - buy 4 dishes and get the 5th one for free. Starts at 9 p.m. every night. The menu is in Chinese but you can get the waitress to help you.

          Also, there is a Hot Pot Special (Cook it yourself) going on as well. Check it out!

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            Any idea if they're open on Sunday late nights too?