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Nov 14, 2009 01:45 PM

Littleneck Bar & Grill - Weymouth

Has anybody tried this new restaurant yet? Feedback please!

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  1. Yes Little Necks is alive and well serving great food in general and a wonderful Sushi Bar. Like any new restaurant they had some bumpy road with service issuses but these have been fixed. Great place to watch a game TV's everywhere. I have dined there 5 times and will return.

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      I just noticed this place the other day. Are they doing mostly girlled fish? or seafood and pasta? what's the concept? I have to say that the idea of a sushi bar makes it seem like they're trying to do a little too much.

    2. I haven't driven down route 18 in awhile so hadn't seen this place. Here's a link to their website: (Which currently seems to have some issues)