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Nov 14, 2009 12:38 PM

Amorino, Soho, London

An outpost of the gelato chain; somewhat comparable in quality to Scoop. On the whole the gelati had a thicker creamier consistency compared to the more lightly textured ones at Scoop. Still very smooth and seamless.

Vanilla has a class basic vanilla flavour, but not as fragrant/floral as Scoop's.

Coffee was excellent, a true milky coffee flavour.

Pistachio was indeed nutty, less of the greener pistachio flavour, and more of toasted pistachio.

Ecuadorian chocolate was solid, a pleasant deep choc flavour, with all the right fruity, nutty and woodsy notes.

Marron glace/chestnut had a good sweet chestnut flavour with a hint of powdery chestnut in the texture.

Worth checking out, potentially a decent rival to Scoop. I like Scoop a tiny bit more for the slightly more elegant texture, and some of the flavours might be a hint more pronounced at Scoop, but it's hard to say without a side by side comparison.

They also sell coffee drinks, chocolates, jams, Italian biscuits, balsamic vinegar and other little bites.

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  1. Forgot to add that they also sell hot choc (24 different flavours, looks like prepackaged single servings whisked in hot water).

    The L'inimitabile tasted of giandujia, a seamless combination of hazelnut and chocolate.

    Yogurt was mildly tangy, and the density of the texture made it feel like frozen greek-style yogurt. (In fact the texture of all their gelati I tasted were roughly like that in terms of consistency.)

    Amarena -- a white cream base that barely peeked out from good intense, intoxicating cherries.

    Mango was also true to the multifacted and rich flavours of the fruit even if it captured the fragrance slightly less effectively; Alphonso, according to the menu.

    1. Tried Amorino today - had a taste of the pineapple which was much too sweet for me, so I was expecting the worst when I asked for a sample of the passion fruit. But lo and behold, the passion fruit was very tart - made my mouth pucker! I got a small cup with about 3/4 passion fruit and 1/4 coconut, which provided a nice amount of sweetness to counter the passion fruit. I didn't love the texture of the coconut, which was a bit too grainy, but the texture of the passion fruit was just about perfect - super smooth.

      If you're a fan of tart passion fruit desserts, then this is definitely worth a try, although £3.20 for a small cup is a bit steep.

      1. Tried pistachio and stracciatella in a cone yesterday and thought they were both very good. Comparable with the ice-cream we have had at Scoop. The pistachio was very rich, with loads of nuts, rather than artifically sweet. And the stracciatella had decent flakes of chocolate. They were particularly creamy - more so than at Scoop. The two flavours were put together to resemble a flower - a nice touch! £4.20 might seem a lot for two flavours but it was a lot more ice-cream than just two scoops, and other high-quality outlets are around the same nowadays.

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        1. re: abby d

          One of these days we should do a side by side comparison of Scoop, Amorino and Gelupo on a flavour by flavour basis. :) They're so close together that the logistics shouldn't be too bad.

          P.S. Still need to go try Dri Dri. Any favourite flavours?

          1. re: limster

            i've not been back limster it's not a part of town i visit often. i had lemon sorbet that first time which was wonderful, but that doesn't really help you!

            a side-by-side in soho would be fun

            1. re: limster

              I think it'd be a shame to do a gelato tasting and not include Dri Dri. I went for the first time this weekend and it was amazing. The gelato is creamy, rich, flavorful and yet still light. A simple flavor such as (Madagascar) vanilla or (Sicilian) pistacho is all you need.

              In any case, I've tried all the gelaterias mentioned in this thread now and Dri Dri is my new favorite. Though I'll continue to go to Scoop because its a lot closer than Notting Hill!

              Amorino is all over Paris at least. It seemed like there was one on every other corner when I was there last month. I didn't taste it for consistency though - to see if it was the same gelato as served here. Too busy tasting other things, I'm afraid...

              1. re: limster

                I should add that I still think the tasting is a good idea.
                There's a new one to try in Soho by the way: Lick


                1. re: r.vacapinta

                  Great, thanks - more to try! Hoping to hit dri dri soon and swing by lick afterwards.

            2. Is this the same Amorino that has shops in Paris? I remember hearing mutterings while I was there a good 4 years ago now that it used pre-prepared gelato mixes rather than making its gelato from fresh ingredients on the premises. I have to emphasise that these were only rumours... but has anyone else heard anything similar?

              Anyway, if it is the same people, in Paris they had such a massive range of flavours that I used to steer clear because there's no way that many flavours could be made freshly on a near-daily basis. How many flavours do they offer in London?

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              1. re: chochotte

                Something like 15-20 iirc; not significantly more or less than other gelato places in London.

                1. re: limster

                  Ah, that does sound different from what I remember. Or else my memory is playing tricks on me. I seem to remember dozens of flavours on offer in Parisian Amorinos.