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Nov 14, 2009 12:18 PM

Help! Restaurants that don't take reservations?

Just had to cancel our reservation at Rendezvous in Cambridge tonight b/c our party jumped from 2 to 5. At this late hour we're out of luck on reservations at our other choices (B&G Oysters, Marco, etc.). Looking for some ideas on restaurants that don't take reservations. We're heading out at 6 so can maybe beat the crowds a little.

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  1. Toro in the South End doesn't take reservations, might be a possibility. EVOO in Somerville looks like they have a 6:00 pm reservation for 5 still available on Opentable, which might be another good option.

    1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

    1. Every restaurant takes walk-ins: 80% of the North End doesn't take reservations. You'll just have a longer wait at some than others. Rain might help you tonight (bring umbrellas in case you end up waiting on a sidewalk.) Getting there close to 6pm will help. Avoid places that cater to event crowds, e.g., near the Theater District, the TD Garden, etc.

      The OpenTable suggestion is also great: you can easily get a reservation that way, though the hottest spots won't have a six-top available on short notice.

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        Rainy night in North end = lots of walk in choices