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Nov 14, 2009 12:10 PM

Veal Shanks - Calgary

Anyone know where I can find veal shanks in Calgary?

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  1. I got them once at the butcher's in Avenida called Andy's Family Meats or something like that. It is in the rather deep south - off macleod trail just after Anderson. They were frozen; and it was my first attempt at cooking and eating them so I can't comment on the quality. They tasted okay to me!

    1. Possibly Sunterra in Westhills or Lina's on Centre St.

      1. This is a great question. Why, in one of the per capita richest cities in the world, surrounded by little but ranches, are such cuts so hard to come by and so expensive when finally found?

        That said, I think your best bet is to go to the best independent butcher near you and make a special order. Prepare to pay through an orifice of your choosing.

        1. I've seen them at Co-op, I'd give them a call. They don't get them in all the time.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions. Found some at Sunterra in Britannia. Yeah not cheap either as expected.

          2. I've always found them at the midtown co-op.