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Nov 14, 2009 09:59 AM

Wine glasses and granite counters

My husband just hinted to me that he'd like some nice Riedel wine glasses for Christmas. I must admit that I'm hesitant, mostly because we go through wine glasses awfully fast in our new house with granite counters. I've read a few posts from readers who have the Schott Zwiesel glasses made with the "Tritan" glass. These are supposed to be sturdier than the Riedel, which as someone put it, break if you breathe too hard on them. Can anyone tell me if the Schott Zwiesel glasses qualify as quality wine glasses? Are the rims nice and thin? Do they feel good in the hand? I live in the boondocks. so I'll have to order them sight unseen over the net. If anyone has other suggestions for wine glasses that are elegant yet don't break when the touch granite, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. I heartily recommend the SZ glasses. See if you can find the classic "Forte" lineup. All their lines use the Tritan glass. The glass will not be as thin as the superexpensive handblown Sommelier line of Riedels, but do match the thinness of Spiegelaus and cheaper Riedels.

    Wine geeks at the various wine boards like erobertparker and wineberserker also tend to recommend SZ glasses.

    1. Profsuzy, we preface our remarks by noting that we were in your situation and we bought Schott Zweisel Tritan -- we like the shape of the Schott Zweisel "Congresso" line.

      That said, there is another line of wine glasses that is said to be even more break resistant, with thinner glass. An Internet search on "kwarx" will pull up a lot of articles on the product. Or you can see one of the series here:

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        Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I've placed an order for both the SZ Forte glasses (unfortunately backordered on Amazon) and for the Arc "Chef & Sommelier" glasses made with the Kwarx technology. We'll see which one has a nicer feel, combined with toughness. I'll report back once I've seen both. Again, thanks for the help.

      2. We have granite counters, and not one has ever broken a Riedel Vinum, or Sommelier. Now, we have lost three, but these were lost on the drying rack, or on the ribbed rubber mat below. This is over 15 years.

        Just an observation.


        1. Same reaction as Hunt. Our glasses break when someone drops one on the kitchen floor. Just last night a nice Riedel cordial glass stem just snapped in my wife's hands as she was drying it. Sad............ but we can't blame our granite counters.

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          1. re: Midlife

            Oops, my poor wife has dealt the death blow to a half-dozen over the years. Her aunt got 4 in 4 consecutive nights!

            About a month ago, I got my first one. It stuck to the drying mat, and tilted slightly. Nothing hit anything, but as it "broke loose" from the mat, the bowl shattered! My bad. Still, never hit anything, including my granite.

            Score: wife 6, aunt 4 (in four nights!), guests 3 and me 1. This goes back about 30 years, and with granite counters.


          2. I love my SZ Forte glasses, alas I broke one when it was knocked off my counter. Nothing is perfect. IWA also has them for sale.