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Nov 14, 2009 09:53 AM

Turkey from Honeybaked Ham?

I'm considering getting a cooked turkey for Thanksgiving and just got a coupon in the mail from Honeybaked Ham. Can anyone comment on their turkey?

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  1. Good question. We too are thinking about the HoneyBaked Turkey and Ham. We have always loved the ham and wonder how well they prepare their turkeys. I have the booklet from HoneyBaked which I ordered from the website.

    1. Absolutely love the hams but don't like the turkey breasts. They are boneless and just don't even taste like turkey to me. They have smoked and plain but I don't like either one.

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        Definitely do NOT get the boneless breast but definitely DO get the whole cajun turkey--excellent-- has a mild cajun flavor-pricey but worth it. They are about 12 lbs and cost about $39. Last year I cooked my regular turkey, which is -if I say so myself-GREAT and also the honey baked one and everyone liked the cajun one a bit better.--the only one I ever liked better was deep fried but it is so much trouble.