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Nov 14, 2009 09:34 AM

Sunday dinner in the 16 eme-Ballon des Ternes or Stella

I am taking out some good friends for Sunday dinner (they live in the 16 eme) and am hesitating between these two restaurants.
I am looking for a place that serves traditional food which has me leaning towards Stella (no reservations policy could be a problem).
Ballon des Ternes however seems like a good brasserie.
I am looking for an alternative to La Maree Passy which is also open on Sunday.
Having been to neither restaurant your opinions or alternate suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  1. Ballon des Ternes is a very mediocre Brasserie. Don't know about Stella, but it has an excellent restaurant and Lebey thinks highly of it. La Rotonde de la Muette is a comfortable, good quality brasserie in the 16th.

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    1. re: souphie

      It will probably be the Rotonde on account of the reservation policy at Stella.
      Do you have any thoughts on Sebillon which seems to be limited to oysters and leg of lamb (great for me but not necessarily for my guests).?

      1. re: jehflyer

        I don't think it is that limited. But the leg of lamb (gigot) is definitely the reason to go. In fact I'm looking at an except form the menu that has os à moelle, mimosa de poireaux à la chair de crabe, rognon de veau, filet de boeuf, sole meunière, bar...

        What is so special about Stella's reservation policy? I looked it up following your post and it totally made me want to go.

        1. re: souphie

          It is my understanding that Stella does not take reservations.
          Am I wrong?
          Have you been to Sebillon?

          1. re: jehflyer

            Stella didn't take reservations the last time I was there, but it is a big place; just go early or late. Great steak tartare/frites.

            1. re: jehflyer

              I have been to both, I thought I had a Sunday lunch reservation when I went to Stella but may have be wrong, I can't recall that getting a table was tricky. I prefer Sebillon as it is a bit grander and has been very good on each of my visits. The lamb is very, very good, but as Soup says there are other choices. I don't remember a great deal about Stella, the food was OK, atmosphere was a little quite, and we never really had the inclination to return, nothing wrong but equally nothing stand-out.

      2. Decided to go to La Rotonde de la Muette:
        The cadre and location were fine.
        They were out of the days' specials: oysters,gigot and tarte aux pommes.
        Nothing special on the regular menu (tasteless tagine, average entrecote).
        Service was mediocre: they let us know that they were out of the specials when we were ready to place the order-which meant starting the whole thought process again. Same happened when it was time to order dessert-sorry no tarte aux pommes.
        Not even a complimentary coffee to compensate for a disjointed experience.
        I agreed with my guests that next time we would try the Sebillon.

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        1. re: jehflyer

          ....and the Gigot at Sebillon doesn't run out, they keep serving it until you surrender or burst.

        2. Sorry I'm coming in a bit late here but my bus broke down.
          But for the record, a good place is:
          La Marée Passy
          71, ave Paul-Doumer, 16th (Metro: La Muette)
          Open everyday
          A la carte 40-50 €.

          John Talbott

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          1. re: John Talbott

            I went there on my previous visit to Paris last September with the same guests (which was I wanted an alternative in the 16th.).
            I agree, it was excellent (and open on Sunday evening).