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Nov 14, 2009 09:26 AM


Going to House Wrecker, and looking for a lunch place. I'm intrigued by Monster B's menu. I have no prob if it's a dive, but my friend prefers nicer places. What's Monster like? Any other suggestions in the Glenbrook area? I'm vegetarian, friend is not.

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  1. Most definitely not a dive. It's a nice place, family-friendly even.

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      Thanks, rbailin! Much appreciated.

    2. You can take the local train from Glenbrook to Stamford for under $5 I think. Many more food options in downtown then in the area of Monster B's. But indeed Monster B's is not a dive. Good pub food too. But be wary late at night the cover bands, karaoke, etc.. is VERY loud. And this coming from a metal head.

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