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Nov 14, 2009 08:58 AM

Roti Joupa - Clapham North, London - Report

Thanks to recommendations from a while back (see below), I finally made it to Roti Joupa today - arrived at 12:20 just after they opened. The guys behind the counter were quite friendly and offered advice on what to order - friend and I shared one goat roti, and one mixed vegetarian roti.

The roti were large, and the fillings were good. I especially liked the pumpkin stew in the veg roti, and when I go next time I might get a meat roti w/ added pumpkin. The goat was quite tender, and even though we asked for only a small amount of hot sauce, it was quite spicy. Lots of food, so a pretty good deal for £5 for a meat roti, £4 or less for veg.

I also tried the currant bread, which was fresh out of the oven. Quite good, especially because it was still warm. Might not be my favorite if it wasn't super fresh.

Also tried a sorrel drink, which was refreshing, and also had a taste of mauby, which I had never had before - quite interesting to have something be both so sweet and so bitter. I might get a full glass next time.

Thanks again for the recs,
Dave MP

They have a website:

And here's the link I referred to before:

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  1. I went there yesterday and had a mixed chickpea and potato roti with medium hot pepper sauce. I also ordered to take away a piece of baked tilapia and some sort of spicy rice dish with curried beans and vegetables plus a broken piece of roti to take home. I heated up the takeaway today and thought the fish was delicious - very delicately spiced. I also squeezed some lime over it. I also preferred the broken roti reheated in foil to the roti I had yesterday. I found the roti to be too doughy and preferred the crispy version I ended up with! Will definitely go back there. In the meantime I want to try some more roti places.

    1. Dave - glad you made it, but next time you have to try the bus-up-shot instead of the roti... it's the highlight of Roti Joupa along with the doubles

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        Hmm, I can't remember if i posted about this (I thought I had)....but I was back at Roti Joupa a few weeks ago, and had a goat and pumpkin roti, which was very nice (especially the pumpkin part). Also tried the doubles, which were REALLY good. Spicy and delicious, and very interesting to compare it with the dahl-pooris at the Mauritian places in Turnpike Lane, which are essentially the same idea, but slightly different flavorings.

        Still haven't had bus-up-shot, but will get it next time.

      2. Just as a heads up, I got a bit of a shock walking past at the weekend. They had a sign in the window saying the business was for sale. Last thing I wanted to hear, having just moved into the area! A frantic trip inside, and they say it will be same food with the same people cooking, they just want a new owner/investor.

        So if anyone's interested in owning a roti shop, now's your chance! :-)

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          Didn't check the website before I went yesterday, but they were closed! Have been eating at a Guyanese place in Herne Hill that also serves rotis etc. and now have a craving for them.

          1. re: cathodetube

            they were open when I went past at about 8pm last night.

            1. re: gembellina

              cathodetube, what is the guyanese place in herne hill called? and what's good there? thanks.

              1. re: gembellina

                Guyanese place is called Umana Yana and it is at 294 Croxted Road, corner of Norwood Rd, opposite Brockwell Park. The premises is under new management for about 18 months. Never tried it before the new owner. Don't know much about Guyanese food but there are definite differences from Jamaican and Trini food. The owner is very friendly and offers tastes of most things so you can make up your mind. On Saturdays they do doubles - freshly made - or as they call them in Guyana, bara and channa. Served with tamarind sauce. I always have the salt fish fritters as a starter. Other snacky/starter like things are tamarind balls, cassava pone, yam/cassava/eddoe balls and bakes. They have an amazing selection of different curries served with either roti, dahl puri, rice or rice and peas. They have chicken, lamb, goat, and various chickens with different vegetables mixed in. Everything seems to be popular. Also a good selection of veg curries which can be mixed up, like okra, potato, aubergine and my favourite, saltfish and potato. Not everything is available every day. There are also various desserts available including pineapple tarts (like a turnover) and coconut tarts. Freshly made sorrel drinks are available plus the usual selection of tinned drinks like ginger beer, mango etc. There are a few tables outside and one inside but most people do take away. Unfortunately no website but you can call in advance and find out what they have that day. Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday - Noon to 10 pm. Tel 0208 671 8227. There is a fairly comprehensive menu available to look at/take away plus one written up on a board in the shop.

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                  Thanks gembellina. I stupidly didn't check the website before I went there otherwise would have seen that they are closed on Sundays!