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Nov 14, 2009 07:47 AM

Where can I buy Chicken Livers in Dallas?

Any grocery store in Dallas that would have them? Preferably North Dallas but will travel. Thanks.

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  1. I'd try Asian groceries. Depending on where you are in North Dallas I'd go to Super H-Mart in Carrollton (Corner of Bush/Old Denton) or Tian Tian 88 (Belt Line/Greenville) in Richardson. You can also try Latino grocery stores but I'm not too familiar with any in particular.

    1. Chicken livers can be found almost everywhere in Dallas. Albeit, frozen. Try calling Kuby's, Rudolph's and, Hirsch's to see if theirs are fresh. Wholefoods used to sell them fresh but are now only sold, frozen.

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        ALL the grocery stores have them, although most keep them frozen. Just ask at the butcher counters.

      2. I get mine at Albertson's, not frozen.

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        1. re: slewfoot

          Thanks for the tip. I'll try them. Which Albertson's do you buy them at?

        2. All asian groceries have chicken livers, unfrozen. I just bought some at the Mei Hua
          Supermarket on Coit and Park in Plano. Tian Tian Supermarket on Greenville and Beltline has them too.

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          1. The Asian markets, such as Super H Mart and Carrollton Plaza in Carrollton, have packages of chicken livers, chicken gizzards, and chicken hearts. If you're only looking for chicken livers, I've often seen them at Wal-Marts in plastic containers in the poultry section.