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Nov 14, 2009 07:41 AM

Restaurant in Rivière des Prairies for 50th anniversary

Need a recommendation for a 50th anniversary supper for my Italian parents in Rivière des Prairies. Must be Italian and able to accept noisy children. We will be no more than 20 people.

Any suggestions???

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  1. With half of my family in RDP, we often congregate there for family occassions. The last three large occassions we've had were held at Shekz. Our family has lots of noisy children, so that wont be a problem. Food is ok and consistent, service is great. Its labelled as a fusion restaurant, but every meal I have had there has been solely Italian. Hope this helps!

    1. Well there is San Marzano on Alexis-Carrel and good thing is that its a small place, so you can reserve a major portion of the restaurant...They can make a special fixed menu for you..

      1. Thank you chefjeannine and JQube. I'll look into both and let you know.

        1. I've been to Prima Luna on Henri-Bourassa near Highway 25 and it was delicious. I have friends who often go for special occasions and they also enjoy it. Check it out.

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            Thank you. Someone at work also recommended it. I'll check it out as well.