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Nov 14, 2009 07:03 AM

Thanksgiving Ideas in Tampa

SO the family doesnt want to do the traditional cook at home, etc.. this year. Besides the Columbia(which seems to be somewhat traditional cause of its history and charm in Ybor, and also priced right at $20), any other suggestions in Tampa. Food, Atmosphere, Price(under $30) are the utmost important...this is a FIRST for us on Thanksgiving. THANKS!

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  1. The past couple years we've done T-day at Island Way Grill on Clearwater Beach, mainly because DH and DS hate turkey but love sushi, while DD and I could do the traditional thing. They do a nice job, and of course the setting is beautiful. (We won't be there this year, as we'll be hosting a bunch of fam from out-of-state).

    1. Alpine Steakhouse in Sarasota.... You can have a Turducken!