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Nov 14, 2009 03:54 AM

Your worst Thanksgiving meal?

What's the worst Thanksgiving meal or dish you've had? Could be something you prepared, or were served at someone else's home. A few years ago I had dinner with some friends. The gal and her boyfriend were pretty novice cooks and were in charge of the meal. They decided to use an oven bag to cook the turkey and probably left that thing in the oven a good hour longer than was needed. By the time they pulled the turkey out, the breast meat had split open and was starting to turn to jerky. Thank goodness there were a lot of appetizers and side dishes.

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  1. A old girlfriend's family......her mother's home with her mother's two sisters and all their husbands, and one of the aunt's in-laws. One of the husbands, my GF's uncle would always tell the same stories on how hard he worked and how early he had to get up to go to work. the FIL the aunt's was another jerk who would tell the same stories to me on how great Austria was compared to the United States (He had not been back to Europe or Austria for over 30 years) and he only wore the best of shoes and clothes, even if he walked around the block for a morning stroll........PBS was the only station allowed on the television, NO FOOTBALL or MOVIES......they required you to participate in Trivial Pursuit and other such games......there were no places to lie down if you were tired or BORED.......there was no family trash talking........The turkey was dry and the stuffing for the turkey was white rice with celery & carrots, no mashed potatoes......margarine instead of butter........thanks for bringing back unpleasant memories.

    Your meal and experience above sounds pretty good to me compared to mine....:-)

    1. In 1973 I was invited for Thanksgiving to newlywed friends near college. The wife had never cooked a turkey (and not much else) before.

      I was wondering what this horrible smell was, when she pulled the bird from the oven. The outside looked picture perfect, but the odor was deadly.

      Sure enough, she hadn't removed the giblet bag from the cavity before cooking.

      We drank the rest of the afternoon, eating popcorn and other munchies. The turkey went staright out to the trash.

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        My Aunt has Thanksgiving every year. She makes this Broccoli concoction, with this soupy consistency milk or cream, don't ask me for as I wouldn't touch broccoli with a ten foot pole, but for as long as I can remember and I been going, It's been referred to as "fart salad" ...Oh yea and her corn muffins suck too. They have hard pieces of corn in them, you know the kind that get stuck in your poop eh? Turkey is at least edible though, and sweet potatoes are not too shabby if by the time we finally get seated they are still hot. But honestly I could just skip the meal and kill my my Moms Homemade Pumpkin Pie she brings every year...that would be enough for my meal.

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          fart salad and corn etc............ seriously ?

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            Oh, how sad. I bet your aunt puts a lot of effort into this meal. Maybe you could bring something tomorrow that you like to contribute.

            Happy Thanksgiving!

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            My mother once did this as a newly-wed, apparently. But with a chicken rather than a turkey. My father still talks about it now! She was only about 19 at the time.....

          3. One year, when I was a kid, my dad was ill (either he cooked Thanksgiving dinner or my great-aunt did). For some reason, my great-aunt didn't cook a Thanksgiving meal (she was elderly and may not have felt well herself, for all I know). Dad was pretty sick (nothing life-threatening) so it was up to Mom, who really dislikes cooking. We had Stouffer's frozen turkey croquettes that year.

            1. We had to go to my brother's fiance's mother's house for Thanksgiving a few years ago...the meal itself was alright until we got to dessert. She served us "trifle" which included layers of sugar-free angel food cake, fat-free cool whip, marmalade, cranberry sauce, and creme de menthe...quite possibly one of the worst things I've ever eaten. Thankfully I've since moved out of town and have managed to miss all the holiday meals at her house.

              1. let's just say it was the first time the hostess had ever made a turkey, i.e., still frozen in the middle, AND didn't know how to make mashed potatoes, i.e, didn't even add salt....