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Looks like the last Krispy Kreme in Milford CT is going!

For those of you that enjoy this place looks like a Sonic is going to take it over according to an article in the New Haven Register yesterday. What happened to that chain. They came in with a bang and everyone got all excited.


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  1. Geez, I drove by the other day and thought they were already out. Though not a doughnut lover by any means, I was never a fan of the KK product. I thought it was mostly a lot of hype, and then I think KK corporate undid themselves financially - possibly by expanding too quickly and carelessly?

    1. I find this interesting, as KK is paying for an undercover evaluation of this location on Monday the 16th.
      Please don't ask me how, by whom, or how I came to find out, BUT it is very unusual for corporate to p[ay for a "secret shop" of a location slated to close.

      1. Not to be a wise@$$, but I think you can see how "I hear X is going to close" is different from something printed in the local paper.

        I don't get why KK was such a big deal. Nor do I get why anyone cares about Sonic coming to town. I think it would be far more interesting to hear that something like Doughnut Plant was branching out from NYC and moving to Milford (and, for that, I'd make the pilgrimage), but clearly that's just a Homeresque fantasy. DOH!!!

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        1. re: kattyeyes

          It is my understanding that Krispy Kreme was involved in some financial scheming- specifically reporting of (false) profits. I think I remember that place-on the Post Road? At certain times you could watch them make the donuts! We went sometimes when the kids were little.

          1. re: kattyeyes


            I'll tell you who's going to care about Sonic comin' to Milford: the same kinda people who formed a line of cars nearly a mile long to get to the KK location on the Berlin Turnpike when it first opened! You know these types -- we're from the same area. You can find 'em on-line at The Cheesecake Factory, too!

            Krispy Kreme indeed is having financial woes. I'd hazard a guess that their store closings statewide reflect that. The problem runs deeper, however.

            There *must* be a very, very big problem with a corporation that does what Krispy Kreme did in Newington (Berlin Turnpike): they opened a store and promised to the neighborhood that they'd manage traffic and that the place would be a "good neighbor." The moment the fanfare of their grand opening died down, they began using that store as a commercial bakery -- 18-wheel trucks were coming and going in the wee hours of the morning. Now, they could've gotten away with that in an industrial park, or perhaps even in many of the "light commercial/retail"-zoned areas nearby. The Krispy Kreme store, however, was across the street from a Senior Housing community. The trucks were rattling these poor folks awake!

            Krispy Kreme had promised to be a good neighbor. Nowhere in their proposals was mention made of using the facility as a 24-7 wholesale donut factory. Krispy Kreme quietly closed the location, shortly after the town told them to curtail the hours trucks came and went.

            Krispy Kreme
            1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

            The Cheesecake Factory
            71 Isham Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107

            1. re: shaogo

              Indeed. And now that location on the 'Pike is a Citibank! I had to chuckle--I do remember the lines of which you spoke all too well...as though it were yesterday.

              And while the "who's going to care" folks you describe are likely equally devoted to KK and The Cheesecake Factory, I don't think that "care" effect will trickle down to food enthusiasts like you and me and most folks reading along here on the New England board. But ya never know!

              I, for one, wish a good mom & pop doughnut shop could have a successful go at a local chain--as Luke's tried years back when they had an outpost in Plainville. Oh, well. Sigh. I guess I should be thankful good doughnuts are nowhere near my neighborhood.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                Here's news for your, kattyeyes: the Citibank on the Berlin Turnpike -- it's closed, too! The building's for lease.

                In this day and age when people are counting calories and cholesterol -- and Dunkin' Donuts is the industry leader by a mile -- I think, for the time being, the days of mom & pop doughnut shops are over.

                Heck, in West Hartford we've had a couple of wonderful bakery/coffee shops close... but Starbuck's and Dunkin' keep on going.

                1. re: shaogo

                  It's a cursed location--I forgot it had closed.

                  We were discussing this in the car yesterday--why DD is so pervasive. I think you're right about calories and cholesterol and they have low-cal/healthier options (those flatbread sandwiches that I've seen advertised). America runs on Dunkin', so they say. Agree with you, the days of mom & pop doughnut shops are but a memory for the most part. As are mom & pop *anything* shops, sadly.

              2. re: shaogo

                Hey, watch it! Just b/c a person might have been to KK twice to show their KIDS how donuts are made, doesn't mean that they are a "type" of person who you "can find on-line at The Cheesecake Factory". What the heck does that mean, anyway? Who's on-line at Cheesecake?! It looks like most of the families there are celebrating a birthday or partying after work- and they are DEFINITELY NOT ON-LINE.

                As I have mentioned in several other posts, there are times that we need to go thru a drive thru - usually when we're desperately trying to get to a far-away soccer game, or traveling, whatever... And if Sonic offers some more healthy and/or tastier food than the ubiquitous McD's than hooray for them and us.

                Of course they shouldn't be disturbing resting citizens who live on a main highway. That would be just wrong.

                1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                  Ouch. I didn't mean "on-line." They hyphen is a typo.

                  I was commenting on the demographic that's willing to wait on line for the "latest" food-fad, regardless how bad it is. I should've qualified: the West Hartford Cheesecake Factory restaurant has had a waiting line every time I've passed the place. The same West Hartford crowd packed into Elements Bistro, waiting over an hour to be seated. There are half a dozen very, very good Asian restaurants in West Hartford -- why then is there always a long wait to get into P.F. Chang's at the Westfarms mall.

                  I was merely referring to Sonic as yet another food novelty that'll attract this group like flies. I wasn't commenting on whether or not Sonic had healthier food than McDonald's. I didn't say whether the line was at the drive-thru or at the counter. (Drive-thru windows are a cause of unnecessary pollution and fuel waste, but don't get me started.)

                  stuck, I just re-read the first few posts. After you warmly recalled visiting a Krispy Kreme with your kids, I posted about the lines, etc. It *looks* like I was talking about you. I'm terribly sorry about that. I wasn't talking about you nor your post.

                  The location of the Krispy Kreme on the Berlin Turnpike was such that it was in-between the "resting citizens" you mention, and the highway. The Berlin Turnpike was there before the Senior Housing complex was built. The KK facility was tucked into a "Y" formed by the road that serves the Senior complex. There's a difference between big rigs going by on a nearby road, and big rigs starting, stopping and idling -- across the street.

                  1. re: shaogo

                    No problem. I suspect that families, college students and other frequent diners in West Hartford like the predictability of "chain" restaurants. They are familiar w/the menu, parking situation, town, waitstaff, procedures, pricing... No surprises. And humans are creatures of habit. Of course there are MANY restaurants here in the W.H. area, other than those owned by corporations or chef-restaurant groups. A good example is Firebox- a really good restaurant w/seemingly good and healthy attitudes towards food and preparing of food. The 3 times I've been there, it hasn't been crowded at all! How can this be? And to top it off- the lines outside Cheesecake snake down the road! I think that many diners in this area prefer to frequent restaurants they feel "safe" returning to again and again-those ubiquitous chains. I could have driven up 44 the other nite for the easy predictability of decent Mexican food at Puerta Vallarta, but instead we went to Monte Alban. I had to drive around for more than 15 minutes looking for a parking place, all the time w/the kids going "Let's go to Puerta Vallarta! The people look scary here!" Indeed, we had to walk 1 block there and we passed a homeless person who pestered us for money, a scary looking young man w/a barking rottweiler, and some rather seedy people milling around in groups yelling stuff in Spanish. The children were frightened, despite my reassurances, and many moms I know would have turned tail and run to the mall. Tisane, of course, has their own parking. Anyway, when you add kids to the mixture, the relative predictability and safety of knowing what you will encounter, factors highly into any restaurant choice. Why others (w/o children) choose to dine in chain places, I, quite frankly, have no idea. As for Japanese cuisine, I eat it in Japan, when my father is on business there. Doesn't it seem like every grocery in town is competing in a "Best California Roll In Town" contest? So NOT representative of quality Japanese cuisine.

                    So chain restaurants are popular w/families because they are "familiar and safe". W.H. is a town popular w/families for the same reasons. As long as families are supported here, so will there be a proliferation of "Olive Gardens" Bleech!

                    BTW, I grew up in Bethesda, MD, where we had a popular local donut place called "Montgomery Donuts". They were cheap (25 cents), fast, and easy to buy on a grade-schooler's budget-we affectionately called it "MoDoz". It was small and no-frills. They went out of business when I entered high-school, and became a Starbucks. School children nowadays must have more money than we had.

                    1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                      The Cheesecake Factory/P.F. Changs phenomenon apparently plays out in wealthy suburbs throughout the U.S. I have witnessed bizarrely long lines for these and similar places in Georgia, California, Virginia and Illinois, among many other states (Stamford, too!).

                      It also seems not to matter if the area has strong regional cuisines or notable family run restaurants (Asian, Italian, Mexican or otherwise) -- the affection for the safe, superficially innovative chains endures and grows. Not all the partakers are families, either.

                      Perhaps some of the attraction owes to their placement in the increasingly pervasive, fancified lifestyles (if that is the correct term) shopping areas filled with relatively high-ticket retailers.

                      1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                        Heh, stuck, welcome to my neighborhood. I think I live 2 blocks from Monte Alban. You mention the 'hood but what about the food? I haven't been there in a few years, and remember it as being kinda crummy. Not as good as On the Border, even. Did you like it?

                        1. re: ratbuddy

                          I taught at Noah Webster for awhile and we tried to get together for local food as often as possible-the West End offers lots of good choices. The kids and I happen to LOVE Monte Alban, but parking is a pain sometimes. The last time we went was about 3 weeks ago and the food was great. I especially like the guac. (ripe avocados, cilantro, onions, lime juice, jalapenos, a tiny bit of tomtato-heavenly). I also like the chili rellenos-they are not grossly over-breaded (w/cornbread!) like many other places, but dipped in egg whites and fried-served w/red or green sauce. The West-End reminds me of when I lived in New Orleans- nice neighborhood feel, cute houses, good restaurants and cafes. Too bad the taxes are too high. And the neighborhood around Monte Alban is nothin' compared to my just-out-of-college job as a psychologist in NYC, which included HOME VISITS that even the police avoided (i.e. the Katonah Park area in the Bronx). Good food in the Jamaican projects, though! Our next "new" restaurant that I've neglected to visit (even though it's like 2 minutes away) is Tinkers.

                2. re: kattyeyes

                  Unfortunately, the New Haven Rag is not a newspap$er of repute. (speaking as a New Haven native that has watched it deteriorate for more than 50 years). Their unamed source is NOT Krispy Kreme, NOT the owners of the new Sonic franchises fro Connecticut , but an unamed real estate source...................

                  I was at KK this morning at 7:30 with my 4 year old foster son. He had fresh hot donuts right off the fryer. I had fresh coffee. They were open for business, although not busy.

                  The condiment bar was fully stocked, as were the doughnut showcases and the beverage cooler.

                  This is a factory store, providing boxed goods to the Shaw's supermarket chain and others. The retail is not the mainstay of their income.

                  While I do not eat KK, the little kids love the show.

                  It is hard for any other donut chain to compete with DD, who has more than 7 locations in the small town of Milford.

                  Unfortunately, I find that there are those on Chowhound who take great delight in the failure of food businesses.

                  Krispy Kreme
                  1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

                3. YES! During my cross-country journey, I stopped at a Sonic in Manhattan Kansas. The Lime/Cherry drink was really, really good & I don't care much for sugary drinks!. Burgers were a cut above the chain "burger-burps". What the hey - McDonalds is not forever.

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                  1. re: algct

                    I believe that the KK's at Mohegan Sun are still open, so yes, you can still get those artery-clogging hot donuts in CT!

                    1. re: Zina

                      It's sad how some take shots at the people who eat KK, Cheesecake, Sonic & DD, I don't eat at these places either but I don't judge the people who do eat there. It seems to me the posts that get the most replies are about the best pizza and burgers but I don't read any moral indignation on those posts.

                      1. re: happyaroma

                        I think a vast majority of posters here are of the "to each their own" respectfulness of others. Almost all would say someone should "enjoy what you enjoy" and that they themselves are their own "experts" as far as what they prefer or like. I just think that some comments perhaps reflect that it's discouraging at times that communities get SO hyped up and anxiously await the opening of certain chain spots as much as they do.

                        If there was a fraction of that enthusiasm for the disappearing "Mom & Pop" operations or the independently owned businesses with an eye on quality then many more would still be around. Sadly it seems that the "chain-wrecks" to be found almost everywhere, the food factories that dominate the landscape, or even the big-box grocery "Stop & Slops" exist AT THE EXPENSE of other choices. That's the frustration. Please don't get me going on Dunkin Do-"Not" either!

                        As far as Krispy Kreme, I tried one before it found its way here so I wasn't one of the curious who flocked but it WOULD be awesome to have something of the Doughnut Plant or Voodo Donut ilk. Dare to dream eh?

                        May all posters and chain or non-chain fans peacefully coexist here and beyond...please just don't screw with a Chowhound's options! "I'm going off the rails on those crazy chains"! :)

                        1. re: noreservations

                          There is a mom & pop donut shop in Wallingford called Neil's Donuts on North Turnpike Road and their donuts are wonderful! The selection is great too. It's a teeny, tiny place that you go in, buy your donuts & leave. There's really no place to sit.

                          1. re: joan mar

                            Neil's has been on my list for a while. Thanks for the reminder. Is this the place that tends to sell out early or am I mixing it up with another shop (maybe Beach Donut Shop in Clinton)?

                            1. re: kattyeyes

                              I would go early to get the best selection, but I've been known to roll out of bed and get there around 930 and still have a decent selection to choose from. He also has lovely baked goods.

                            2. re: joan mar

                              Add another thanks to Ms. joan mar for mentioning Neil's in Wallyworld. I'm rather close to them and have enjoyed in the past(more recently at a market that they once sold some of their items to). You know those places that are nearby but you just somehow don't get to that often? That's Neil's for me..and for no other reason than that I just don't indulge on those "Doh"-nuts as much as Homer.

                              Will have to make an effort to get there for something from their own wider selection of donuts or baked goods. I still want some Doughnut Plant or Voodoo Donuts though :)

                              Maple bars with bacon? Don't knock it until you've tried it!


                              1. re: noreservations

                                Are we related or something? :) I'll see your maple bars with bacon and raise you my Chowhound-inspired Magical Piggy Bars. The same "don't knock it" wisdom applies here. The holiday season is upon us. Surprise your friends and fam:

                                I'm with ya, btw, anyone out there scouting for a satellite location for Doughnut Plant or Voodoo Donuts--CONNECTICUT WANTS YOU!

                                1. re: kattyeyes

                                  Oh my freakin' goodness. You can't stop my 'Happy Bacon-Dance'...you can only hope to contain it! You've raised the "bar" with bacon. Unbelievably well done Ms. 'kattyeyes'...WOW. Loving ALL of those ingredients(for chocolate and bacon do not make bad company). Off to rant on that recipe's thread. As the smart boy says here: "I'm makin that":


                    2. You mean the only Krispy Kreme in Milford, CT?

                      This was the first and last

                      Krispy Kreme
                      1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

                      1. That location has been dead for a long time. I mean...passing by, looks like no one is ever there, but it's still open, dead.

                        I think the low carb craze contributed to killing KK (I hardly ever allow myself a doughnut) , along with Starbucks and the desire for gourmet coffee. Market saturation also, for sure.

                        1. Here's sort of a confirmation from the CT Post (IMO raggier than the NHR, but it's all a matter of opinion).

                          Strikes me as kind of weird that the Milford Econ Development people are talking about this and the KK and Sonic people aren't talking at all.

                          1. It's incomprehensible to me that New Englad seems to prefer DD to KK. I don't get it.

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                            1. re: sophie fox

                              Being a native Bostonian, DD use to be pretty good. They were different than the melt in your mouth warm glazed KK , but nevertheless, still good...especially when you got a warm chocolate one or warm marble cruller(my personal fav). Since they centralized their baking location and deliver them to their shops. a hockey puck would be better than one of their "donuts!" I always look forward to getting some KK when I go to the Mohegan Sun. I hope they stay open there.

                              1. re: catsmeow

                                Dunkin Donuts did NOT centralize THEIR baking location. Their are multi franchise owners who have both cold stores and full stores who bake for the cold stores. It wouldn't make sense to bake in a gas station location.

                                BUT DD standards have gone to hell........................
                                When we were growing up, coffee coulf not be more than 30 minutes old, aqnd donuts had to be trashed every 4 hours. Now a donut that is 12 hours old may be on the shelf.

                                1. re: bagelman01

                                  Out of the many throughout Eastern MA, only 2 bake in house. The ones that get them from a central location are many franchise owners not just a few. One of the 2 that bakes in house is in Weymouth, MA. I forget where the other is.

                                  1. re: catsmeow

                                    You're overly broad...............

                                    I know of more than 8 DDs in Eastern Mass. That bake in house. Unless you don't consider Andover. Lawrence, Lowell, Hyannis as being in Eastern Mass.

                              2. re: sophie fox

                                I grew up (and now live) in New England but lived in SC for a year before KK made its way north. I heard all the buzz about KKs, and in fact they were a weekly treat at my office, but I didn't understand what the big whoop was all about.

                                What I don't like about KK is that they're so light you don't even know you've eaten anything. I want to know that I've eaten something, and I don't want to (and won't) scarf down 3-4 donuts to get that feeling. Plus, I'm as hooked on sugar as anyone, but the KK product was like eating a spoonful of sugar - just too much for my liking. Whereas the DD product of old gave you a good dose of sugar, plus some cakey goodness but with that nice crunch on the outside. Maybe it's all about what you learn to expect in a doughnut when young.

                                That being said, I agree with catsmeow that DD used to be much better in the old days. I remember not so long ago being able to watch them make the donuts, but those days are gone. (sigh)

                                1. re: harrie

                                  The best of my knowledge KK was owned in NE by the Janco Co. THey own about 80 Burger Kings he had the one at the CT. casino and a huge KK in RI. They are a really sweet donut but I think people still like those Crap D/D. Its all for the best anyway grease and sugar is killing the public.

                                  1. re: Frank Terranova

                                    I think the New England "love" for DD is the same as the Redsox Nation trend--it's a New England pride thing, which seems odd to me given the fact that Dunkin D has been owned by the British (Allied Domeq) then the French (Pernod Ricard) and now a conservative (mainly southern) financial group, Blackstone. But, most NE' rs still love DD for the "tradition" although the product (coffee & food) scarcely resembles or tastes like what it was 15 years ago.

                                    1. re: bewley

                                      I'm born and bred in New England and HATE the RedSux. I love the Yankees.

                                      DD was good years ago, but not anymore. I miss the Bess Eaton chain that was good.

                                      1. re: bagelman01

                                        HA HA HA! I had forgotten all about Bess Eaton. Our Middletown BE is now one of two Illiano's pizza (local chain w/multiple locations beyond my town). On my mental list to try: Neil's in Wallingford, Michael's Bakery in East Hartford (my uncle tells me they have great chocolate ones) and Donut Dip in Springfield.

                                        1. re: kattyeyes

                                          The only thing I didn't like about Bess Eaton was the cross and Jesus stuff on the takeout cups.

                                          I just came back from a weekend on the Cape and my kids gorged on HoneyDew Donuts. Another better than DD New England chain.

                                          1. re: bagelman01

                                            Similarly, Luke's Donuts in Avon used to have "Praise the Lord" on their boxes (not sure if they still do). My old boss used to walk around with the box of donuts and ask, "Who wants some religion?!" :)

                                2. re: sophie fox

                                  KK is just too sweet for New Englanders, in my opinion. All that sweet tea down south amps up the sweet tooth in general down there. I went to to the Milford KK out of curiousity and could barely choke down my donut, and only then with the help of lots of black coffee. If you look at donut shops in New England you rarely see the ranks of glazed monstrosities you see in other parts of the U.S. We've also resisted the cupcake craze as well, for the most part. We tend to go overboard on ice cream instead, perhaps because we need the fat in cold weather.
                                  As for donuts, my new favorite is Tim Hortons--they make a fine old fashioned cake donut.

                                3. Drove by the Milford Krispy Kreme this morning, and the windows are papered up, with a 1-800-GOT-JUNK truck the only vehicle in the lot.

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                                  1. re: harrie

                                    That truck has been parked there for more than 6 months, renting the space for advertising

                                    1. re: bagelman01

                                      And the store windows being covered up by plain brown paper......?

                                      1. re: harrie

                                        has NOTHING to do with the truck in the lot, but sures smellks like death of KK

                                          1. re: harrie

                                            Had to drive by this morning to get to an appointment. The retail store is closed, but they were loading a truck of freshly baked goods to send to supermarkets. Spoke to an employee at the back door. Temporarilly, they are running a short early morning shift to fufill theior wholesale contract, but that ends Jan 31.

                                  2. Good riddens to Krispy Kreme in Milford! Let's get some fresh homey real bakeries back in business around these parts. There is nothing like walking into a bakery with the wonderful aromas hitting your face....yum!

                                    You know, when I lived in Cali, I missed the bakeries around these parts. Now that I'm living here again, where in the world did all the bakeries go?

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                                    1. re: MasterofLightChick

                                      killed by the in-store supermarket bakeries......

                                      1. re: bagelman01

                                        It may be heresy but the muffins in Stop & Shop are fantastic.

                                        1. re: jfood

                                          I agree w/ jfood. The hungry kids swear by the Stop & Shop cinnamon muffins for breakfast!

                                          1. re: hungrykids


                                            The Cinnamon Chip Muffins are jfood's faoritres as well especially now that he cannot eat the Boston muffins because of a developing nut allergy

                                            1. re: hungrykids

                                              don't ever get the coffeecake from Stop & Shop. To me it jujst tasted like a handful of salt! Just plain awful, no cinnamon tatste at all. It was located behind the glass near the muffins.

                                              1. re: javaandjazz

                                                Thanks JJ

                                                Jfood understands that the muffins recipes come from an old Boston recipe.

                                                1. re: javaandjazz

                                                  Ditto for the cornbread. It's like cake. Only it's marked "cornbread". Not palatable.

                                          2. re: MasterofLightChick

                                            Bakeries? Bakeries!

                                            Try Ambrosia in Stratford on the Post Road near Main St or their original store on Naugatuck Ave in the Devon [that's Dee-Von sometimes] section of Milford.

                                            Their pastries are the real thing.

                                            Forget Stop&Slop - yer better off getting a cake mix & heating it up yourself. On second thought, that's what they do.... or it tastes that way.

                                            Then again the black&whites are tolerable for a former Bronx boy.

                                            1. re: algct

                                              I have had a few things from Ambrosia and don't think I will be going back. Totally not worth it.

                                            2. re: MasterofLightChick

                                              Drive 5 minutes north on the post road to Julia's. Been there the whole time.

                                              1. re: Ravac

                                                2nd that! Julia's in Orange has some gooooooooooooooooood cookies! I've only been a couple of times, but have enjoyed what I've had there.

                                                Christmas Tree Plaza
                                                220 Indian River Rd.
                                                Orange, CT 06477
                                                (203) 799-7106
                                                (800) 435-3285

                                                Monday Thru Saturday 7 AM - 8 PM
                                                Sunday 7 AM - 6 PM

                                                1. re: Ravac

                                                  Sounds good, I'll tell my wife - she is the one with the sweet tooth.

                                                  Me, I only look for black&whites and the elusive Charlotte Russe....

                                              2. Since this post was originally about doughnuts - who likes "Coffee N" in Westport? I stopped by for a coconut cruller today and that is really the only place in CT where I will eat a doughnut. I brought one back for my assistant today too and scored so many points!

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                                                1. re: MasterofLightChick

                                                  Here's a very helpful donuts in CT thread you might enjoy as you wander through the Land of Steady Habits, looking for a fix:

                                                2. My vote for a traditional, heavy doughnut alternative to KK is Neils Doughnuts 83 North Turnpike Road
                                                  Wallingford, CT . Just a little way off the Wilbur Cross Pkwy - Rt 15.

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                                                  1. re: algct

                                                    I 2nd Neil's. They've got delicious stuff there!!