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Nov 13, 2009 06:22 PM

Arepa flour and/or black garlic in Vancouver?

I'm heading to Vancouver this weekend (off the rock!) and wonder if anyone knows where I might find arepa flour or black garlic? I've got both these things in my head as "want to try" but have scoured Victoria without success!

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  1. I definitely saw black garlic at South China Seas Trading sometime last month. Arepa flour - El Sureno (Commercial Dr) or Los Guerreros (Kingsway) may have it,

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    1. re: fmed

      Well, it was a year ago, but I got it at Los Guerreros. FWIW, on weekends they usually have pupusas, alfajores, and tamales.

      1. re: el_lobo_solo

        Thanks to you both for the suggestions. I'll have to track down Los Guerreros! We just don't have that sort of stuff over here. I had a pupusa for the first time in San Francisco over a year ago & fell in love! I tried making them, but made a mess of it - it's not as easy as it looks! :)

        1. re: Dubby Jo

          Here is the Google Street View link:

          Have you been to Rinconcito Salvadoreno on Commercial Dr? They serve pupusa there.

          1. re: fmed

            Thanks fmed - I haven't been there but I'm already drooling at the thought! I'm over this coming w/e with non-foodie family, so I'll have to try some sweet-talking or trickery to get there. Fingers crossed....

    2. I know you posted this a while ago but I was on Granville Island this weekend, in Vancouver, and this little spice shop in market was sampling black garlic, it's wonderful.