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Nov 13, 2009 05:50 PM

Looking for a great veggie burger downtown calgary

I prefer a soy burger with cheese, mustard, ketchup & onion. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not quite downtown but Boogies Burgers does a veggie burger, can't remember if it's soy though. IMHO Harvey's does a decent soy burger but they don't seem to have a downtown location.

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    1. re: maplesugar

      The Boogies veggie burger wasn't soy when I had it- more vegetal matter. The meat burgers looked a lot better. I haven't had a really great veggie burger in town and as a vegetarian 29 days a month I hope this thread keeps going. I'll try Koi or the Coup soon and report back.

      1. re: Mawson Plan

        I'd appreciate that Mawson Plan. I actually didnt mind the veggie burgers at Kelseys (at Calgary Airport) it was my "go to "meal there as we were at the airport so often. Its tough when you dont eat meat but crave a good burger once in a while.

        1. re: cneuen

          I went to Koi last night for their buddha burger.

          They do italian sodas there now so I started with a pomegranate soda- it was great. It had whipped cream and a cherry on it which at first I didn't think I would like- but I did. It's a very nice room. Plants, good quiet music, nice design.

          The buddha burger was delicious, but maybe more of a sandwich. It was served in a pita with pea shoots and roasted beets. The patty was a bit like falafel- there were some nuts in it for a bit of crunch. I had it with brie on it which melted into the patty nicely.

          The sides were the best part. There was a small slaw which tasted like roasted sesame and an incredible cream of tomato soup.

          If you are looking for a ketchup, mustard, pickle, kaiser bun kind of veggie burger Koi is too gourmet for you- but it's really good and reasonably priced for the quality.

          I'll try to check out the coup veggie burger next.

          1. re: Mawson Plan

            Thanks for the reveiw of koi's buddha burger. Its not that i dont like gourmet, I just have a thing about eating "veggie" options that I cant identify what it is. I have had some meals that look and taste like a patty of leftover vegatables mashed together with some kind of binding agent..yuck!. I prefer to stick to soy burgers which to me are more palatable.
            I look forward to your next review, I will try and review some myself. Ive been busy trying to find a good chinese close by too lol

            1. re: cneuen

              got it :) I wasn't sure how to let you know that this burger probably isn't for you without sounding negative (because it was a really nice meal). I agree with you that veggie burgers are often unidentifiable lumps of gross mush.

              1. re: Mawson Plan

                it does sound like an interesting meal that i would probably choose myself. I think that its all in the name, a burger IMHO should resemble an actual burger otherwise its a vegetable patty. Boy, I sound really picky but sometimes its hard work to life a meatless life LOL

    2. I don't remember if the burger I had was soy, but I've had a really tasty vegetarian burger at the pub at the Sheraton Eau Claire.

      1. I'm a meat eater, and I had a good vegetarian burger at Dairy Lane. Not really downtown, but close! I don't know what the patty was made of.

        1. When dying for a real junk food burger, Burger Inn veg burgers are awesome. There's a location near 17th ave and 4th st sw

          1. Sonoma Cafe has tons of amazing vegetarian options, can't remember if they have a burger but it would be a good lunch.