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Nov 13, 2009 05:45 PM

Preserving homemade guacamole

I often make homemade guacamole. Just avacados, lime juice, jalepino peppers,
onion and cilantro
After a day in the refrigerator, it starts to turn.
Is there anything I can add that would improve how long it remains fresh?

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  1. An extra squirt of lime on the top surface should help. Then take saran wrap and lay it directly on top of the guac - you need to allow as little contact with air as possible. The top may still get brown but you should be able to just scrape a bit off and have good stuff underneath.

    1. It will start to darken, but it is still okay to eat for a day or two, just stir it all together. An extra squeeze of lime on the flattened out surface and then putting plastic wrap flush with the surface will help a bit.

      1. It helps when you cover your guacamole in a container, to use a piece of saran or food saver wrap to be in direct contact with the foodstuff. You can also try using a capsule of vitamin c in the guacamole when making it.

        1. and, yes, what everyone else said. I had a chef that used to put the pits into the guac as well but I was never convinced that move was effective.