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Nov 13, 2009 05:30 PM

Wild boar meet in Brooklyn? or Below 14th Street?

Does anyone know where we can buy wild boar chops in Brooklyn or in the city below (hopefully) 14th street? We tried the butcher on Smith Street and they said they get it in sometimes.... Please help! If not chops... Some kind of boar meat, a recipe would be nice...


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  1. STAUBITZ on Court Street has Wild Boar in season. Sometimes they need a day or two to get it for you. Call them.

    Wild Boar is best cooked in traditional recipes, like Stew, Ragout, or Sauce for Pasta. It needs to be marinated, and moist cooked for a long period of time

    It is delicious, and well worth the effort.

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    1. re: Fleur

      Thank you! I know Staubitz... The recipe my husband found online was an Emeril recipe that called for chops to be cooked for 12 minutes, high heat in a pre-heated hot griddle or cast iron pan. That did not make any sense....

      Thank you!

    2. Have bought small d'Artagnan wild boar roasts at Gourmet Garage - come to think of it, sounds like a good thing for next Sunday dinner, now that it's fall. (I brown and braise in white wine with onions and garlic, bay.)

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        do you find that its noticeably distinct from pork? It seems to me that the domestic boar products Ive had in recent years dont have the flavor I remember from Italian wild boar products which used hunted wild boar.

        1. re: jen kalb

          It is enough different to be worthwhile as a change from regular pork. I haven't had real wild boar in several years (last time was in Lyon, sigh...), but these roasts are tasty.