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Nov 13, 2009 05:21 PM

Upscale Italian in Bala Cynwyd

We just had a really good dinner at La Collina. I have not been there in many years but I was glad that they are still serving very good classic Italian food. The service was seamless: so hard to come by today. The pasta was perfectly done and the fish,served table side was fresh and nicely done. It was old school for sure but some things are best left alone. I wouldnt order the deserts,it was the one down side of the meal.

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  1. I've had lunch there a few times. I was really hoping for some red-gravy kind of stuff when I first went there (which they really didn't have.) When you say Classic Italian, to what were you referring ?

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    1. re: phillyjazz

      Classic northen Italian dishes , dishes that have not been influenced by new or fusion styles of cooking. Hope this helps...

      1. re: michyphilly

        I will buy classic NORTHERN Italian. Most locals seem to be Sicilian or Calabrese in Philly, so when you just say "Classic Italian" in this context, most people are thinking of a very different cuisine. Thanks.

    2. I've always meant to try that place; funny but IMHO it's hard to find good Italian in Philly. Their website doesn't appear to have prices though - what is their price range?

      1. I was just remarking to my husband last Saturday as we were driving out of Manayunk after dinner that I wondered if that restaurant was still open. We ate there once around 15-20 years ago and had a very nice meal (Dover sole, I recall) but for some unknown reason just never went back.

        I'm curious about the prices, too, as I remember it being fairly expensive. ('course, I did have the Dover sole....)

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          I think that we paid 100$ for two people. I thought that it was worth it though. They still have the Dover Sole that they fillet table side. Hope this helps...

          1. re: michyphilly

            Thanks for the info. That sounds right in the ballpark - we'll definitely try it again. Maybe without the Dover Sole this time, tho!