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Nov 13, 2009 05:04 PM

One Dinner in Stowe

In Stowe for an over night stay - looking for a charming restaurant with great food - nothing too odd though

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  1. Michael's on the Hill or Hen of the Wood (Waterbury, 15 minutes from Stowe)

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      I second both of these recommendations, with a heavier bit on Hen of the Wood only because I've been there most recently. :)

    2. I had a delicious meal at Mr. Pickwicks on Mountain Road this past summer. We sat at the bar and definitely found the place to be charming-esp the bartender- great guy really knowledgeable.
      Also had an incredible meal at Solstice in the Mountain Lodge- pricey but their tasting menu was amazing.

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        I have heard The Alchemist is great - do you agree?

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          Alchemist is great for a few craft brews and pub food done right.

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            I'd go for Hen of the Wood or Michael's over Pickwick's any day of the week. Pickwick's isn't bad, it's just that the others are superior.