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Nov 13, 2009 04:02 PM

Freezer friendly meals?

I'm having a baby in about three weeks and I'm trying to stock up the freezer with meals so I don't have to cook when she arrives. Do you have any favorite freezer friendly meals? We eat everything, but since I can't be on my feet too long I'm looking for recipes that are not too difficult.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I am sure someone will steer you to other threads about this, but I will volunteer what I tend to keep in my freezer (all of which I cook in large batches, divide up & freeze in smaller containers): meatballs in sauce, taco soup, beef stew, pureed white bean soup. My mother always had a lasagna & a couple trays of stuffed shells in her freezer that went straight into the oven.

    Congrats on the baby & good luck!

    1. Home made pot pies, pasta sauce, gravy, quiche, chili, macaroni & cheese, meat loaf, cooked chicken & stock for chix & dumplings, chicken soup, stir fries, chix salad, etc.; pizza dough can be used for pizza, foccacia, and calzones. Ham & bean soup, stroganoff, veggie casseroles, etc.

      These are more like helpers, but I like to keep a bag of sliced onions & peppers in the freezer to be used when I don't have time to peel & chop veggies. You can also cook pasta, drain & freeze in containers (it freezes like lasagna) then you can just thaw & heat. Cut italian or french bread, spread with garlic butter, wrap & freeze for later. Make the custard for oven french toast by whisking together the eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, etc & into a freezer container; thaw, shake in container, pour & bake. Make ahead quesadillas, individually wrap & freeze in foil then thaw & bake in the foil. If you have a rice dish that you like, make ahead & freeze.